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Re: Episode #615
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I'm surprised to hear Bob dismiss the potential for danger from bringing alien life to earth so easily. Yeah, sure, it's incredibly unlikely to infect us like a virus, but what about the potential for bringing in an invasive species that could mess with the very bottom of the food chain here? Or maybe such an organism could release metabolic byproducts that are incredibly toxic to earth life. Without knowing anything about this hypothetical organism's exact metabolism, I don't think we should just rule that out.
Yeah, I'm late, I listen to the podcast, often some time after the episode went out.

I came here to say the same thing. Alien life that uses the same fuel (for example from methane vents, sulphur, etc.) could out-compete terrestrial life and wipe out the bottom of the food chain, leading to unpredictable results higher up. Although unlikely as the terrestrial organisms would have evolved to suit terrestrial conditions, it is at least a theoretical possibility. Even if the alien life only managed to out-compete for a small part of the resources available, the results would still be unpredictable.


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