Author Topic: Personal issue with evaluating reliability  (Read 194 times)

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Personal issue with evaluating reliability
« on: May 07, 2017, 12:23:41 PM »
I am kind of asking more on tools that others use to evaluate reliability

First, take Alex Cooper
I tend to evaluate her story as mostly true.

With Sarah as well, I tend to believe that the story is mostly as written

On the other side, when a child says that they are abused, I usually will believe them but I will try to see if there are problems. There are a lot of cases where a victim will be coached. A good example of this is the San Antonio Four

Going a step further, as soon as satanism and/or ritual enters the picture, I am incredibly cautious. If an ex-Satanist or somebody claims to have escaped from Satanists, I tend to not really believe. The problem here though is that I do tend to believe that escapees from Scientology are being mostly truthful.

Seems like I am being a bit contradictory. Wondering how others evaluate it? 

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