Author Topic: Does God Exist ? Some scientists think they have proof (B.S. warning)  (Read 282 times)

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Another striking example  of bad journalism.

What do you guys think ? How many logical fallacies can you spot on that one? I'm still counting.

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That it's even possible to question whether such powerful beings exist, suggests that if they do exist, they either aren't as powerful or as interested in what goes on in the observable universe, as is being claimed.

Who prays to math?

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I stopped reading once I read "how does nature follow the laws of mathematics?"

Huh? Does he not understand how mathematics came to be?

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You get there by getting closer and closer to Spinoza, who basically equated God with whatever is the ultimately-real law of the universe. This even satisfied Albert Einstein, who used "God Language" a lot when talking to non-scientific audiences, who did not realize that he was channeling Spinoza. If E = Mc2  , then this was God's Law.

I get tired of the supposed "punctuated evolution" argument against Darwin. From my reading of Gould and his opponents, this is really an irrelevant distinction when it comes to the overall question of the age of life on Earth and how we got here. My experience in academia suggests that this is one of those battles over academic nits that get blown out of proportion.
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