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Re: D&D Game
« Reply #465 on: October 03, 2018, 08:48:29 PM »
Couldn't count the number of times my level 5 character stumbled across a hungry ancient dragon.

TL;DR - roll another character.

I remember very clearly when I was running Lost Mine of Phandelver for the very first time - just after the Starter Set had been released, the players went up against a green dragon when they were level 2. We discussed the situation, and they wanted to fight it anyway, basically to test the limits of the system which at the time was brand new.

The cleric went down in the first flyby breath weapon attack. It didn't go well from there.
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Re: D&D Game
« Reply #466 on: October 03, 2018, 09:43:38 PM »
My players tend to create terrible terrible situations for themselves, so the relative power levels are not usually the concern. They're often dealing with monsters of their own creation.

When I do try to balance the power levels I tend to consider "a path to retreat" and "an option to not engage" as worth several levels of power in the enemy. :)
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Re: D&D Game
« Reply #467 on: October 07, 2018, 02:59:54 PM »
I went with a CR 9 dragon. Got one instakill, the others were pretty lucky.
Then I through in a CR 8 necromancer and an undead hill giant+ 2 lvl 4 undead paladins and they got through it pretty convincingly!
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Children of the Empire - Val - 2018-10-28
« Reply #468 on: October 29, 2018, 12:48:14 AM »
Val's Perspective (Also Known As The TRUTH)

After intimidating and persuading the Hunt to BACK THE HELL OFF from attacking Xav and Armand (with SUPER help from Punch for advantage), I picked up Armand and rode him to his own horse. Punch had lassoed it as it fled. While riding by, feeling gracious, I healed his horse. He's worse than a limp dick at the wrong time: he's an unpredictable dick all the time. Oh look! Inappropriate boner at dinner, followed by noodles for bedplay. Pathetic. Still, Xav seems to think he's not a total waste of space. Also, Punch and Armand did some big screamy thing that the Master of the Hunt seemed to respond to, so there's that.

As we continued to ride ahead, I noticed a was a Hunter nearby... bored with riding, Val idly used his mage hand to rifle through the hunter's saddlebags. He found a big steel animal trap - far too large to steal. That wasn't really the point of the pickpocketing, though. He felt good about using his skills and left it alone.

Shortly after, the Hunt encountered a herd of wild boar - or rather shockingly, I was the first to see them. I magicked up an arrow in the sky, pointing toward the herd, and then surged ahead on Privy, my new racing horse. As I charged ahead, I tried to position himself to be out of the direct path of the boars, while still having a chance to capture a suckling pig.

Well, capture is too strong a word. He wants to isolate one so that the bigger, stronger bois can to the meaty work of capturing it.

The rest of the party raced ahead too - though still far behind. Delightfully, Xav leapt off Rath's horse and easily outpaced it. The men killed one boar - Rath did it in, I think, but I was too far ahead to really pay attention.

Unfortunately, my attempt to stay out of the way wasn't good enough: I misunderestimated the speed of the hunt and got smashed by a boar for 12hp damage. (I have only 24 max HP.) I reflexively healed half of the damage (now at 18/24hp) but honestly, I'm reeling more than a bit from the hit. It turns out pain fucking hurts! I'm used to some very specific kinds of pain under very specific circumstance. Not this shit!

My next move will be to disengage from his attacker (bonus action) and head southwest. Now that I've gauged the speed of the hunt, I want to be out of range of any attacking boars, while having an attack-from-behind advantage on the mama-boar with her four suckling boarlettes. Also, NOT IN RANGE OF ATTACKS.

Did I make that last part clear?
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Re: D&D Game
« Reply #469 on: January 25, 2019, 12:17:06 PM »
It has been a while since we've last checked in. Being in the Feywild messes with your timeline. After the raid on the compound Princess Dandilion used her charms to bind us to 3 tasks. The first seemed easy to get a succling wild boar. The hitch was we had to join the wild hunt in the alternate realm to achieve this.

The second task was to resolve the luck of a bunch of doublins. These creatures were twice the size of humans but smaller than giants. They are tough as well. It must have taken a dozen crossbow bolts to get one close to the brink of death.

Our idea of changing someone's luck is to make it worse for them. It didn't help we had a communication breakdown and the thing just started attacking. In reality we just started defending ourselves. When more appeared things started catching on fire.

We retreated to our new friends home underground. The space was tight but was better than being captured. After gathering our things we noticed water trickling into the tunnel. We built a dam so there was time to save the books. After loading them all into a cart we excited to another house.

After stuffing our bags with supplies we went to get our mounts. The problem was the doublins had found them and were guarding them. If they didn't get tricked to leave the mount their luck would have to change for the worse. Let see how this goes.
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