Author Topic: Justin Roiland prank calls Joel Osteen's church in character as Rick Sanchez  (Read 531 times)

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The Rick & Morty co-creator has a little fun with Joel Osteen's prayer line

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It is always so weird to see voice actors do their voices

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I was surprised that he even has the prayer lady on the other end of the line cracking up at the absurdity of her own bs. 

This really makes me feel that at least some of these Pentecostal types know they're scamming people, but regard it as just a job.

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Oh no.   :D
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Wubba lubba dub dub.
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I can't see this video at work, so now I have to go find some headphones and take my phone into the bathroom stall because this is not something I can wait to hear.
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Graaassssss tastes bad!  :laugh:

I couldn't possibly love Justin any more than I do already.  :love:
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