Author Topic: How Connected Are You?  (Read 324 times)

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How Connected Are You?
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:06:06 PM »
And what problems have you had, or heard about?

Phones, tablets, TV/Roku, and a FitBit... and a scale that sends data to FitBit.  I think that's it.
No appliances.  No alarm systems or security cameras.

When it's time for a new refrigerator... I'm not sure how I would evaluate a smart-fridge.
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Re: How Connected Are You?
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 01:49:35 PM »
Our household is middling in connectivity.

My main transportation was by motorcycle for years, so I came late to cell phones. I work from home on a computer using VOIP headset, and landline, and screensharing, so the cell phone is buried in the car and kept charged for emergency purposes only.

My mother pushes me into technology; that's a little embarrassing, since she is in her 80s. She sent us Nook e-readers back in 2010; now we have 6 around the house and love them. When I worked shift work, I used to haul 2-3 books in the backpack. Now, I can haul one "smaller than a hardback" tablet-sized device with over 900 books on it (32gb memory onboard)? That's crazy fun. Especially the one is a Nook HD+ tablet, which is skinned over Ice Cream Sandwich, but I installed a KitKat SD dualboot card. The screen resolution is 1280x1836 for the 9" screen; watching videos and movie downloads there is amazing. It cost $149.

She sent us Alexa (or, the "bitch in the box," as I call her) this summer, and a White LED starter 2-bulb pack with a Phillips Hue hub. This makes it a $175 light switch, but I do like the controls for which room and % increase/decrease. I love the idea of geofencing the back drive access, because my spouse is a professional musician and backs up that hill to load/unload in the downstairs music studio; it would be nicer for the neighborhood if we did not need that light on all the time he is expected back.

Connected appliances make no sense to me; I don't want to stand at the fridge operating a touch screen, and I don't need to tell my oven, via WiFi or internet, when to cook.

My biggest connectivity score = Logitech Squeezebox. We have 4. This was a miracle; I live in Montana and can listen to anything over the internet and connect to our own music library, too. Too bad it was pulled from the market.