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Re: Podcast App recommendations
« Reply #15 on: November 05, 2017, 04:56:59 PM »
Alright so I went with Pocket Casts and after about a week and a half I'd say it was a great choice. Usability is great, it looks good, and it has all the features I wanted.

My one qualm: If you have several podcasts to listen to in a single stream (so several episodes to catch up on) then it isn't very good. You have to find that podcast in your list of all your podcasts. There is no list of all downloaded podcasts, just a list of new releases which at this point seems to be a list of the latest episode of each.

This is annoying when I'm finding a podcast after several episodes have come out (i.e. Whiting Wongs and Heaven's Gate) and even more annoying for a stream like Slate Plus where all Slate podcasts have their premium streams.. I haven't ever subscribed because I only listen to 4 slate podcasts so I don't want every single one to download, but this means I'll have to find them after I download them rather than having them in a list of episodes downloaded to my phone.

Maybe I just haven't found it yet, because this seems like a major oversight.

Edit: OK so I figured out the solution in the two minutes from when I posted the last thing and this edit. I had to create a filter that was all downloaded episodes.

Other than the fact that it was stupid I had to create my own filter because this is a no-brainer.. great app!