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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #405 on: January 12, 2018, 08:18:08 AM »
Please note. I’m not “on the run” from anything. Johan is doing an excellent job hanging himself with his own rope. I’m particularly amused by his return to stating what others have already said as if he were revealing some secret information. For example, Abaddon openly admitted he registered on this forum in order to reply to Johan’s thread. Despite this, in the post above, Johan is pointing out the fact that Abaddon came here from another forum as if this were new, hidden, information.

I look forward to the moment Johan clicks on the book link in my signature here and reads it. I might make it free for a few days so he can read it without spending any of the money he earns selling alcohol.

I noticed on Facebook that Johan has a tendency to declare anyone who loses interest in him to be “on the run” or “fleeing.” He never actually wins any arguments, so he claims victory, feeble as it may be, wherever he can.
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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #406 on: January 12, 2018, 09:12:48 AM »
I want to thank Morvis13 for finding this excellent visual representation of where Johan's life has gone thanks to his years of abusive behavior:

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #407 on: January 12, 2018, 12:41:42 PM »
Johan, you may be interested in this Kickstarter. It strikes me not only as something right up your alley, but it appears to be run by someone I think you would enjoy corresponding with.

The Witness Game
The Witness Game was designed to assist the young & the young at heart with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities.

Evangelizing is one of God's great commissions for believers which means that we are all responsible for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us. But let's be honest, sometimes it's easier said than done to strike up a conversation about God, sin and what it takes to make Heaven your home. Young people and new converts are especially affected by this hesitance although many long-time believers struggle with witnessing as well. However, teens and young adults today are up against so much opposition in the schools and in their neighborhoods that it is extremely difficult for them to outwardly proclaim to be Christian let alone witness to fellow classmates. Gangs are running rampant throughout our school districts, self-mutilation clicks are rising quickly, drugs and pills are being sold to our children by our children from elementary schools to universities. If that isn't enough, prostitution has made a huge comeback within the past several years with the latest pimps and prostitutes having barely reached puberty. This is the reason why I created The Witness Game, to give our youth a fighting chance in this war that the enemy of our sous has forged against them.

as if Abaddon knows things you do not.

Well, he does.  He researched you and contacted the people whose information you posted online. There are a great many disturbing things he has not gone into detail about, such as the evil things you did to your daughters. He knows more about you than I do because he's actually communicated directly with some of your victims.

Based upon what I've learned reading your posts, your words are meaningless. You yourself have admitted to lying when it suited you. You've endorsed incest and pedophilia. You've claimed you were lying when you did those things. You endorsed and then denied endorsing the "Love words to Jesus" published by the sex cult "Family International." You can say whatever you want, but I know better than to believe you.

As to your earlier question as to why I'm still responding to you here, the answer is simple. You have shown yourself to be a demonstrably evil, manipulative and malignant individual. I have a moral obligation to my fellow humans to warn them when I see a serpent in the hen-house, or a dingo in the nursery. I would me remiss if I saw you here and did not warn others about your true nature.
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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #408 on: January 12, 2018, 03:41:56 PM »
Another Daughter of mine attacked me with a knife and cut my arm.

Notice how Johan leaves out what HE was doing that she felt the need to defend herself with a knife.

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #409 on: January 12, 2018, 07:07:45 PM »
For starters, Johan. It took not a little effort at ISF to get you to correctly use the quote function and to teach you how to correctly operate your facebook page. Do we really have to tediously do that all over again?

Some information.
Abaddon and Halleyscomet is from IS ( International Skeptic Forum)
Well Duh. I specifically stated that I got linked from there to here. I also specifically stated that I had been lurking this forum for years before you turned up. Can you get nothing right?
Wrong. I and Halleyscomet happen to be members there. I am a member of many internet fora as is Halleyscomet.

Meaning I am right.  You are from ISF.
No you are wrong. Very wrong. I have been a mod and an admin and an owner on other fora years before you ever even knew such a thing as the internet existed.

Neither of us is "from there". That is your delusion.

You missed my point.  I called Halley and he called you from there.  That is where we met and that is the issues you bring here.
It's called social media. For a reason.

The Mods there banned me by mistake. 
Nope. You were banned by the mods purposefully, intentionally. No mistake.

Nope. There was no mistake. You grossly violated the ISF rules and caused yourself to be banned.

I violated Rule 8.  Stating that I can give private information if it is available and for the use of the discussion.  I had to show Kali her mistake in going to Facebook.  So it was for the sake of Kali and the discussion that it was done.  And Kali's information was available.  She herself called me over to her Facebook Page.  To proof that it is a fake.
That would be your problem. That I am aware, the only place I have encountered Kali is ISF. I know nothing about him/her and why is this even vaguely relevant.

So actually they should lift the ban but because of pride they probably would not.
Wrong again. When you registered at ISF you actually signed and agreed a "Membership Agreement". Bans are permanent on that site. When I was a mod/admin on other sites, I actually did re-instate banned members, but those were other sites with different terms in their Membership Agreements. To try and get the concept into your head, would you modify your own behaviour if you were to visit a mosque, for example?

Bans on ISF are permanent. Dream on.

That is very foolish.
Nope. It's in the TOS that you failed to actually read.

The fact that they came over here proof that they do not agree with the ban.
Nope. IMHO, you should be banned from the entire internet.

Wrong again. Both Halleyscomet and myself have been online in various fora for years long before you showed up. Just because those strange intertube things are new to you does not mean that the must perforce be new to everyone.

You missed my point.  The fact that you came here when I called Halley mean that you still have unresolved issues about me.  Meaning the ban did not benefit you to found conclusion.  It was foolishly and selfishly done. 
Nope. The internet is replete with cranks of every sort. Few, however, are willing to do actual harm to others in real life. Those few, I have a moral obligation to oppose.

A ban should only be done when the members agree because actually the mods are there for the members.
Wrong again. A forum is not a democracy.
Wrong again. Internet fora are private venues not democracies.  You really struggle getting any understanding of how the webernet actually works.

A forum should be unselfishly for the sake of the members and not selfishly ruled by your own ego.
No. You are simply engaging in an "If I ran the Zoo" fallacy. Internet fora are run as their owner wishes them to be run, not according to some messed up notion of how they should be run.

Now the problem is this:

The thread over at IS has not resolved.  And the members are dissatisfied.
It has been resolved. You got banned for violating the MA which you explicitly agreed to. There is even a thread celebrating your ignominious departure.
Wrong again. The members think you are nukking futs.

It is not about what they think.  It is about the fact that the thread didn't reach conclusion.
Oh, the thread reached a conclusion.

But they have to say that the mods are correct.  Because of their fear of being banned too.

Wrong again. There are currently heated debates about mod policy on that forum. While you were a member, you could have followed those debates, but you chose self destruction and bought a ban.

So it seems that I am correct.  There are more problems with the mods than just the one that happened with me.
Nope. Everyone agrees on ISF. You deserved a ban.

So we might see some more of them in future.
I doubt it.

You came.  And at least Kali should come.  She is still in fear of me.  And she was part and parcel of the ban and needs Forgiveness.
Had you not hosed your membership, you would know exactly what Kali thinks of that.

Ok.  They are bringing their issues here.  It is not yours and you might feel they are "messing up" here.  But it will benefit this thread and helped to get to the conclusion that we need. 

Wrong again. YOU are bringing YOUR issues here. As you have brought said issues to many internet venues.

Again you do not understand my point.  Don't jump to conclusions.  In this Forum we were busy with our own issues.  And you brought the issues from ISF over here.  But ok.  I did say it will be a benefit.  And it is working out to be a benefit to all here.  Including you signing up just to be able to debate with me.
You do not understand what debate actually is.

So you will have to accept them, understand that they have issues and help us and yourself to resolve them all.
No idea what that is about.

Irony. It is glutinous.

But still the Truth.
Nope. Just yet another terminological inexactitude.

That is just part of Love.

Just like spousal abuse, right?

Don't worry.  I Forgave my wife for clubbing my physically.  Now I can "club" her spiritually.  With her own "club"
You know, "When did you stop beating your wife?" is very often wheeled out as obvious entrapment as it should be. However, given what I know, it is a pertinent question.

But to you it is just part of debating.  A very inferior motivation.

It's a discussion forum. It's purpose is discussion.  What part of that is difficult for you?

I know.  With the resulting inferior relationships.  I brought you something better.
Vile hate? That is better?

I Love my Kids.  Yep even Abaddon and Halley who seem like hating me and wanting me dead at this stage.

I believe I can speak for both myself and Halleyscomet in this matter.
You don't love your kids, you abuse them. Courts have so adjudicated. Neither of us hate you nor want you dead. Knock it off with the delusional lies.

Nope.  I died for them so that they could be relieved from Die Herberg abuse.
Were that true, you would be dead and not posting here.

This spirit they got from Robertson by speaking behind my back.
Who posted all of the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers for your local protagonists publically? You did. Who invited all and sundry to contact them? You did.

So I did. And what I found was shocking.

Wrong again. I told you that I was communicating with the good people of Robertson. Nothing hidden, nothing behind your back.

You sure.  "Nothing hidden" So tell us who were present and what you spoke about.
You know with whom I spoke. You publicly posted their details. I simply fact checked.


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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #410 on: January 12, 2018, 07:18:24 PM »

It is their punishment for believing those that is hiding away in fear and having to give a good enough reason for them hiding.
Now you have a problem in your claims. You claim that I am running in fear, yet here I am. Funny that.

"punishment"? Where is it? Can't be much use since I haven't noticed it.

You lie.  You have noticed.
Anyone can follow that link and see for themselves what that post actually says. Nobody will find anything remotely fearful in that post. Hey, let's reproduce it here, why not.

Quote from: abaddon
Quote from: Johanabrahams
Quote from: abaddon
My actual identity is publically available on this very site. You have been told this before. Knock off the lies.

Where.  The scarecrow photo or your profile info in "about me" that says "General failure".  Well actually that is what it turns out to be.  A general failure.
In a thread on this site, in response to a moronic claim, I dropped my engineering credentials for all to see along with the means to verify them. You could, no doubt, find those quite easily. You are god, are you not? They are here on this site, you know. Seek and you shall find.

Quote from: Johanabrahams
Quote from: abaddon
I am not your son nor ever will be.

So do not get upset.  I am not forcing you to change.  I am only speaking from my side.  Which means that my heart is correct and yours might be restored in future.  But do not jump the gun.
Your "gun" never had any ammo in it and you broke the firing pin.

Quote from: Johanabrahams
Quote from: abaddon
No, there still is no such thing as "ghosts" no matter how much you stamp your widdle feets.

Well now.  You found many in Robertson.  And you associated yourself with them.  Becoming one too.
No, what I found in Robertson were real people, sick to death of your behaviour and still in the process of healing. Be under no illusion, you did a lot of harm to a lot of real people with your nonsense and I have little tolerance for that.
Kindly point out the "fear".

So I have to help them with their fear. 

Everyone else beware of that fear.  It is real.

Look and investigate thoroughly their claims because in siding with them you will get that fear too.

And it is this fear that made the unthinkable happen.  Skeptics siding with the Christians.

Fighting their case because they are too scared to do it themselves.

Have you ever heard about such a thing?

Inconceivable.  But it is real.  And they can pull you in too.

On the other hand:

I have no fear.  You can side with my Spirit.  But it is your choice.  So you have to make a choice. 
Oh, you are scared. I have looked and investigated your claims and they are wanting.

W the actual F

That is why you need to understand Robertson.  Then you will also understand what I wrote there.
I do.

Investigate carefully!
I did. You didn't like it

I did. You didn't like it.

Nope.  I sent you there.  But you went about it in the wrong way.  I never said you should use Mafia techniques. 
Having civil conversation with people is "Mafia Techniques"?

Too Abaddon and Halley.

Don't you think you should contact the mods and give them some links.  Maybe they can do the right thing and look firstly if I have the ability to stay within the Membership Agreement. 
No. You made that be, now you get to lie in a bed of your own making.

Already done. More than a few expressed the idea that you were a fun chew toy and should be unbanned for simple amusement. However, the MA is clear. Bans are permanent. Your internet footprint did not help your case either.

Here you proof that I am correct.  The ISF made a mistake with the ban.  And in their foolish pride they cannot change the rules.  And they stick now to foolish rules.  I have never heard of someone being punished permanently.  That is bad.  But I recognize their fear of me.  Resulting from the split thread they are concealing.
Nope. ISF simply applied the very rules that you agreed to when you joined. You know, the rules you clearly did not read.

That was wrong of them to suspend me and ban me while still in suspension.  In fact they should not even have suspended me because everything everybody asked me there (and it is many things) I obeyed 100%.  So how do you ban somebody obeying everything 100%.  Because of anger for being revealed in your wrongs.
No you didn't.

Wrong again. You continuously flouted the MA, refused to follow mod directives and so forth. Given your advocacy for spousal abuse, child abuse and substance abuse what exactly did you expect?

Words come easily.  But maybe you can show me.  As I was always obeying every thing everyone asked of me.  Even you complaining about me that misspelled your name can witness that.  I immediately give my attention to it.  And tried to and eventually got it right.   And now you are very happy because I can write Abaddon.
It is a biblical name by origin ironically and intentional mockery of other members by spelling member names incorrectly is an auto infraction.

Do you remember the "split thread" where I spoke against it?  Seems that got them angry and they were blinded by their anger.  And now they are hiding that thread too it seems because I can not find it.
That is because you are incompetent at using the internet. Note that that is not an insult. I am incompetent at carpentry. We cannot all be competent at everything.

Maybe you can give me a link to it?
So your agree they are hiding it because I will link to it. If it were hidden, you could not link to it. Furthermore, it is in a "Members only" section. But for what it is worth.
Nope. It is a member only thread and you are not a member. I could give you a link but it would merely require a valid login to read and you are banned so you do not have one of those.

Yep.  It is in hiding.  But it might appear sometime in future because I have downloaded it.  So can you please tell them that I have it and would like to use it.  But obviously I would not operate like the Mafia.  I will link them.
I can guarantee that I will be reposting that baloney. You still do not get it. You are banned at ISF. You thus have no access to "Member only" areas. Get over yourself.

And Robertson?

 Even in Robertson ask them how I got to the streets.  Because I was banned from the churches.  Why?  Because I obeyed them 100%.  So what did they ask me to obey.  Not preaching!  Can obedience to non preaching get you banned.  For sure.  It causes a disturbance where there should be Peace.  God Himself cause that disturbance.  And because of me not preaching and Forgiving them that disturbance grows, and grows and grows and Grows and GROWS to the point of having to admit your mistake which the leaders can not do and then they have to walk the road they started.  By banning.  And then the Godly DISTURBANCE IS ON THE STREETS.  No club.  Ask Benni because he walk with me the streets as I am taking him into THE DISTURBANCE.  Without a "club".  And he is starting to face 20 000 people.  And he is but a "boy".  Maybe 20 years of age.  Proving also that God is alive and giving Power!  Power to fight against 20 000 people.  One Man!  Because he has to keep it up.  Also when I am not around.
That is not what happened and you know it.
Ah, facebook. Remember what happened when you stalked everyone's facebook? You never found mine.

That would be a paragraph of flat out untruth. You forget that I have directly spoken to those people. Your version of events is baloney.

You forgot that your way of working were Mafia.  I was not present.  And you promised to mention no names.  All on the sly.  I however have another way of working.  Take a look if you can spot the difference.

So you followed the lying method and got the lies.

I followed the method that establish Truth.  No hidden agendas and secrecy and sly methods where anything can be said.

You were caught by evil. 

But there is an easy way to solve this. 

I said: 'Ask Benni".  He is now walking with me the streets of Robertson.  He is a young boy of 20 years.  Learning about my "club".

 And Halley can do it.  Because Halley knows him and is in contact with him.  Actually Halley knows many and is in contact with many that he can ask.

The difference is.  Halley ask openly. 

While you asked on the sly.

I am working openly and with Truth.  You are working on the sly and with lies.

Only problem is:  Halley said some foolish things there and when I pointed it out he didn't answer.  So it seems he is on the run because of the lies you gave him and that he, controlled by his actors spirit,  just accepted.
HalleysComet is responding to you right here. How does this demonstrate "fear" of any sort?

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #411 on: January 14, 2018, 02:05:33 AM »
Strangely, Johan has gone Awol from this thread. Almost in fear, one might think. I wonder why that might be?

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #412 on: January 14, 2018, 11:24:39 AM »
Strangely, Johan has gone Awol from this thread. Almost in fear, one might think. I wonder why that might be?

It's the weekend. He's probably tending bar. He often takes a posting hiatus on the weekends.

I've also noticed he will often take a break from one forum to proclaim himself great elsewhere. If he's online and not serving moonshine he's likely linking back to this forum calling us all children and proclaiming himself victorious in the exchanges.

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #413 on: January 15, 2018, 03:05:29 AM »
Foolishness vs Wisdom

Wisdom is a Godly attribute.  It is part of God's Character.

Humans do not possess it and thus make wrong dicisions.

As is evidence now.

ISF banned me prematurely.  The issue is not resolved.

Actually according to ISF mentality I am a very bad person.

But I have these Children that does not know. 

And I am living in a society that is hiding it away.  Nobody wants to talk openly about it.


But you know now.  And you need to act.  Why are you scared?  My Children should know.  You should contact them.

How can you just allow an evil man to have his way while you know about it.

I mean ISF looked for a reason and found one and broke with me.

Is that foolishness or Wisdom? Are they sure.  I hear there are some not happy with the dicision.

But who made the foolish dicision?

The Mods.

I did speak to them in a thread that is hidden away now.

It was called God vs the Membership Agreement.

It should be in the open.  As I am revealed there as wrong and "evil". 

So why hide the evidence on me being wrong and evil away?

So let us look carefully at what we experience  . . . . .In the Spiritual realm.

Are you really satisfied at this point that this point is the point of breaking up?

Or will it be foolish to seek for a reason to do it now?

ISF did it at this point.  Are you going to agree with them or call them foolish.

I call them foolish.  They built their dicision on Abaddon and his "evidence" and  Halley siding with him.

Are you going to do it too?  If not you agree with me that ISF Mods were foolish.

Up to you.

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #414 on: January 15, 2018, 05:34:18 AM »
Surely a divine creature such as you claim to be would see the false dichotomy in your argument, if nothing else. We aren't any of us obliged to have any opinion whatever of ISF's decision.

You speak to us of wisdom and foolishness, but you expect us to swallow this ridiculous argument and become your followers by default? Just because our own mods haven't banned you (yet)?

That's some grade A foolishness right there, if you ask me. How could I possibly see you as "wise" after that?
"redamare has kicked this thread's ass" -champagnej

Certainty is the enemy of wisdom.


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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #415 on: January 15, 2018, 09:37:15 AM »
<snip for brevity>
It took hundreds of posts to teach you how to quote correctly at ISF. Suddenly you have forgotten all of that, conveniently.

Nope.  Wrong.  Just a mistake.  But ok.  You can not judge and need to learn that you should stay away from judgments. 

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #416 on: January 15, 2018, 10:10:40 AM »
In any event, let us attempt to unpick this borked post.

Good of you.  Good behavior is always a blessing to the soul.  That is why I stick with it.  Are blessed the whole day every day.

I think I've learned as much about Johan as I care to.  Now that his philosophical points have been made, I wouldn't mind if we all just stopped replying to him.  Surely, if his God was real and could help the worthy see the truth of his message, he would have gotten some converts from our community by now.  We should just let him fade away without banning him.
You have no idea how deep that rabbit hole goes. Halleyscomet has an inkling or more, but actually speaking to this guys victims puts a whole different colour on matters.

Just how physically violent has he gotten?


That is a dodge.  Do not run.  Cowards run.

That would be Halleyscomet speaking. Johan has simply munged it into a messed up multi-quote to obscure his intent.

Well that is easy to proof.  The fact that you can not be bothered to "unmess" it proofs that you do not believe your own words. 

Johan has been nailed on various fora for exactly this behaviour.

Yep.  And I started to  learn how it works.  But that does not mean that I still make mistakes.

It is Johans MO. It is what he does. He seems not to notice that his followers are transient, eventually departing when they realise the nonsense they are being fed.

Just your opinion. 

And from that point on Johan has so comprehensively messed up the posts that I cannot be bothered to unpick the mess.

Well then there was obviously nothing important to you.

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #417 on: January 15, 2018, 10:10:50 AM »
<snip for brevity>
It took hundreds of posts to teach you how to quote correctly at ISF. Suddenly you have forgotten all of that, conveniently.

Nope.  Wrong.  Just a mistake.  But ok.  You can not judge and need to learn that you should stay away from judgments.

Here we see Johan exhibiting one of his favored tactics, denying the facts before our own eyes. He’s calling a comment about his inability to use the quote function a “judgement” when it’s a simple observation of fact. This topic came up after multiple posts where Johan screwed up using the quote function. Despite this he refers to simple observations and reasonable expressions of concern as “judgements,” as if there were some doubt about his history of screwing up the use of the quote function here and at the ISF.

This is also a common gaslighting technique, an early stage wherein the abuser tries to get the intended victim(s) to question their observations. This works well on the alcoholics and heavy drinkers he deals with in his illegal shack “bar” but no so well here, where fact checking is part of the dominant culture. 

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #418 on: January 15, 2018, 10:21:05 AM »
Pretending not to know how to use the quote function on a forum is one of his tactics. He’s trying to obfuscate his actual meeting which provides a layer of deniability later.

Well between you two you will be able to come up with excellent evidence.  Having done many posts over at ISF.  So there has to be a mentioning of this  . . . . . .. . ..  somewhere.  But according

to you there are just facts of  this all over the thread.  People speaking about it again and again.  So give us one.  As far as I know this is the only time it happened.  But proof me wrong.

Personally, I advise against trying to parse any meaning out of or respond to one of his borked and badly quoted comments like the ones above. My experience with him has been that when people respond to such mangled comments he dances around and lies about who said what and who meant what. It’s best to just ignore him when he’s desperate enough to mangle quotes like this. Even Abaddon, the man with the most experience with Johan gave up after only a portion of Johan’s latest posts.

Proof me wrong. 

You can also do it by just giving us again the specific "fact" that I am "desperately" trying to run from.  And then you can enjoy my "mangling" again.  And maybe you can do it again.

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Re: Superman and God
« Reply #419 on: January 15, 2018, 10:44:51 AM »
Pretending not to know how to use the “function on the forum is one of his tired tactics. He’s trying to obfuscate his actual meeting at which provides have a layer of deniability later. He’s also trying to force people to pay extra attention to his

Has completely the opposite effect for me.  Makes it so easy to just rapidly scroll down and know where the nonsense ends.

Good.  Just pick out the right fact and go for it.  No using crying like babies.  But Forgive them  They are my Babies.  I am helping them to grow up.