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red light / low light filtering
« on: November 22, 2017, 02:28:09 AM »
I've gotten back in the habit of using a red light filter on my phone and laptop when using it at night.

For desktop OS, the premier example is f.lux. I used it for a long time, but I found it annoying that I couldn't max out the filter. Even on the lowest color temperature, it wasn't quite right.

This can be done on Android with CF.lumen (it requires superuser/root in order to function properly). Rather than simply masking the color channels, it first converts the screen to grayscale and then converts that to shades of red, preserving luminosity. It also looks great on an LED screen.

Mac, as with iOS, now has Night Shift. But even on maximum intensity, the effect is very weak—even less than f.lux. There is a program (actually a pref-panel + service) called Shades. It alpha-blends a black layer over the screen. And MacOS also has an accessibility option for grayscale. Shades is intended to simulate a lower brightness setting, but this color can be changed to red, or a shade of red to both red-filter and darken the screen. Also helpful as the lowest brightness on MacBooks tend to be too right.

I'm curious if anyone has experience doing this on Windows or iOS.

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Re: red light / low light filtering
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 12:28:07 PM »
I used to use f.Lux, now I use NightShift, which I find adequate for most needs.  I wish that I could do a full red on my phone, though, for use when observing the night sky. I’ve found no way to do that.
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