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One of the things that gets my blood boiling is the crap these fraudsters start pumping out once they get my attention is the alien science they start claiming we stole from ufo's.  Such as lasers, computer chips and fiber-optics.  What kind of brain-dead children we got coming out of schools these days that would swallow this crap as real?

Ok, I found this youtube on something I hadn't read about.  The Adams Calendar in South Africa.  Started out kind of interesting, showing all these strange structures made of piled rock similar to what is seen in the Sinai desert many thousands of miles to the north.  And it's real close to a newly found homonid called homo-nadeli burial cave.  I was hoping some real info would get disbursed about the subject but then the speaker went directly into crap-science.  Sure would like to find more about the calendar and the structures.  Is there any organizations that create photo-tours of historical places for people to watch without having to travel there?

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Off track a bit, but the Homo naledi find is on Two hour special. Lee Berger, the professor who organized the project couldn't fit into the cave where they found 1,500+ bones belonging to this human relative.
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I find them irritating.  Outside of the crap pseudoscience, there are really some awful sometimes racist assumptions behind this. 'Our ancestors were too stupid to build this stuff so obviously, it's aliens.' Or, 'this native culture was clearly not smart enough to build this thing so aliens.'
People were not any less cample able in ancient Egypt, in the Nazca Desert, Mexico and so on then they are today in the West.