Author Topic: "the Gateway" - podcast investigating youtube self-help guru "Teal Swan"  (Read 876 times)

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I caught an ad for this podcast and recognised the subject "teal swan" from some videos I saw on youtube some years ago.  I don't know how the videos ended up in my feed but her voice is relaxing to listen to, and she's easy on the eyes so I watched them from time to time.  I think during this time I was watchign a lot of ASMR stuff for relaxation so it might have got into my recommendations that way.

 There was A LOT of pseudo science mumbo-jumbo.  Eventually I lost interest or just got annoyed with the BS and forgot about her. 

But apparently she's become known as a "suicide catalyst", a lot of her former fans/clients, and her attitudes toward mental health care, suicide, death have led some to consider her a dangerous cult leader.

Could be interesting.  Always on the lookout for your suggestions too if you have any.
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