Author Topic: "Malaysia government minister calls for atheists to be 'hunted down'"  (Read 495 times)

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Malaysia government minister calls for atheists to be 'hunted down' and 're-educated'

Critics say the country’s increasingly conservative trajectory is threatening religious freedoms

Atheists in Malaysia should be “hunted down” as they violate the constitution, a government minister in the increasingly fundamentalist Muslim-majority nation has said.

Shahidan Kassim, who serves in the Prime Minister’s inner circle, called on Islamic scholars to re-educate non-believers.

Apostasy is not a federal crime in Malaysia, but critics say the country’s increasingly conservative trajectory is threatening religious freedoms.

“The [Federal Constitution] does not mention atheists. It goes against the Constitution and human rights,” Mr Kassim said during a press conference.

“I suggest that we hunt them down vehemently and we ask for help to identify these groups.”
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Re: "Malaysia government minister calls for atheists to be 'hunted down'"
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Malaysia is a weird case.  Ethnic malays are assumed muslim from Birth, while other ethnicities (most commonly chinese, indian and indigenous) can be whatever.  Muslims cannot marry non-muslims unless the non muslim converts, and the children will automatically be muslim, this is on their identity card and they can never officially leave the religion.  You will notice from the article, the problem is not atheists perse, the bigger problem is muslims attending the atheist gathering.  Apostasy just cannot happen.
In states where the islamic party PAS rule (terenganu, Kedah) there tends to be more restrictions on the amount of bars and places selling alcohol and stricter interpretation of syariah law for muslims.  In other states its not uncommon to find muslims with a much more liberal attitude to the rules of the religion.  If they clamp down on this, I suspect there will be as many people complaining as there are protesting the atheist meeting (or more)
The former ruling party Barisan Nasional was made of a coalition, at it's core UMNO a party representing the ethnic muslim Malay majority.  They resisted the practice of Hudud from PAS who many times attempted to institute traditional islamic punishments if they went against the laws of the land.   
After the massive corruption of cleptocrat Najib Razak I did hope the new government would take the country in a better direction.  But maybe this situation is not better or worse than the previous government.  The new government is still a coalition and that will always comprise a fundamentalist faction. 
Honestly I'm surprised this meeting even happened.  I lived in the country for years and never met another atheist.  Plenty of Catholics, buddhists hindus and of course muslims, but never an atheist.  Not one that would admit it anyway.
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