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The Spare Room by Helen Garner
« on: March 17, 2019, 09:16:34 pm »
Hi guys, this is a slightly older book, and a nice piece of (I think) mostly fiction, written by Australian author Helen Garner.

It goes through the protagonist as she assists her terminal Stage 4 cancer having friend, who has come to stay for 3 weeks, as she pursues alternative medicine at an (obviously) quack facility.  The protagonist is very anti-altmed, and does go to some good lengths to cast a vicious side-eye at Vitamin C infusions, ozone therapy and cupping that the friend thinks will "cure the cancer".

It's a very human look at the effects that altmed has, not just on the true-believers who are duped, but at thseo who must care for them as they die.

Had me crying at times, I am not ashamed to say.