Author Topic: Need a fix for my iPhone podcast app  (Read 629 times)

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Need a fix for my iPhone podcast app
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:56:04 AM »
Yeah, I think the fix is to get a new app. The apple App has been extraordinarily annoying since the last couple of updates, and each update gets worse. Haven't tried the iOS 12 yet, but my guess is that it would get even worse.

Clearly the Apple Podcast App is not compatible anymore with the way I use it even if it was the app itself that trained me.

Can somebody recommend a free app for podcasts that would fulfill my criteria as best as possible.

Here is what I'm looking for an app.
  • Should download new select podcasts as they become available only when connected to wi-fi. I should still be subscribed to other podcasts in which I decide if I download once I see what's it about.
  • Should delete all played podcasts.
  • I should be able to mark a podcast as played, if I decide I won't listen to it or finish it.
  • Should play podcast in order of oldest to newest. And continue on to the next podcast.
  • Should be intuitive to use, and not have to go through several layers of taps to read the info or do something with the podcast.
  • That's basically it, Apple how can you f this up?

My biggest qualm with the app is that I can't mark as played and that I have to add to play next whenever I want the podcasts to play in order. I don't care, just play them all.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when the app decided that I should watch the last 145 episodes of StarTalk radio. I am subscribed to it, and all new episodes I see them in my feed, in which I decide if I listen to it, or not. If I want to listen I download, if not, I delete it from the feed, since I can't mark it as played as I used to do back in the day. Without any mass way of deleting or marking, I had to delete each episode one at a time. And you'd think that it's a simple Swipe left to delete, well, that only works if there is only one unplayed podcast in the feed. If there are several then you swipe and tap the delete button. Fun day.

Another issue, but I don't think it's an app problem, and it's that when I am Listening to a podcast, and Y pause for an undefined period of time, the phone forgets what it was doing and decides to play the audiobook or some song from U2 instead when I click the play button on the ear pods. And it happens when I'm listening to an Audiobook, in which it plays the podcast or U2. This seems to have changed a bit since iOS11 because most of the time now, it just forgets it was playing anything, and does nothing when I Hit play.
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Re: Need a fix for my iPhone podcast app
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 01:30:01 PM »
The iOS app sucks. I use Stitcher often.
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Re: Need a fix for my iPhone podcast app
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2018, 07:21:15 PM »
I use Downcast, and it fulfils all your requirements and then some. I can set different podcasts with different priorities, so even in a by-date playlist, certain podcasts play before or after others. I have SGU and Skeptics With A K set to a higher priority so that when they download, they are automatically shuffled to the top of my by-date playlist. The only issue that might put you off is that the controls are a little less than perfectly intuitive. It's still pretty good, but not perfect. I recommend it.
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