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Re: Starting Over At Episode #1
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Are they obligated to disclose their financial operations to anyone who asks?

Shouldn't they? I don't mean giving away bank statements, but at least giving patrons an idea where all of that is going. I feel sometimes we're totally in the dark about where donations/membship fees is spent.
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Re: Starting Over At Episode #1
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535; On The Martian review, I disagree with intentionally setting up something that's impossible, for the sake of the plot in a sci-fi story. That takes me out of the story. I'd much prefer "let's assume there's a technological solution to this, even though I don't know what it is", vs. "I know this won't work, but I'm going to include it for the plot".

As in, I was okay with them being shielded from radiation somehow. But I can't care about something as a danger when it wouldn't have been a danger.

When I first heard this review, I thought that the line "science the shit out of this" was a good line that would be immediately overused and annoying. I haven't noticed it that much, so maybe people let it go soon enough.

577; I was surprised by how surprised they were by kids having different meanings for words, or using different slang to the previous generation. Isn't that pretty much what slang is, "code" to separate your group from other groups?

633; 12:05-12:06, it sounds like Bob says "a team of woman". I wonder if he had it written down wrong.

I keep noticing people misspell "women" as "woman". Confirmation bias, or is it autocompleters preferring one over the other?

639; Steve is asking about how to make changes to the Nobel prizes, and as mentioned in the episode you can't really do that, the will is the will. If you want something different, the best way is to set up a new prize with independent funding. Which reminds me of this issue (by Randall Munroe):

641; There are wild cat species that are of similar size to our varieties of housecat, and they're as natural to ecosystems as wolves are. I would've liked to see some pictures to see exactly what Cara saw, to get a clue to why she would so easily dismiss them as feral housecats. Had she already ruled out that it was something like this African wildcat?

642; On white men and time travel; white man's privilege is quite recent in the perspective of all time, or mere human history, and there's also the future. Europeans enslaved each other before they enslaved people from other continents, and would probably be enslaved on other continents if they just showed up without a conquering army or a deadly plague.

645; This was brought up in the episode thread, but I don't recall the SGU responding to whether it's ethical to advertise meat.

I don't think we can outright stop people from having children or doing things like eating meat, and I don't think it helps to try to simply stop it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't lead to harm to do the opposite, to actively encourage more of something there's already too much of.

651; Bob's talking about how Syfy redeemed themselves with The Expanse. A few months later, Syfy cancels The Expanse.

656; I don't really like the idea of self-driving cars communicating with each other, because that seems more vulnerable to interruption than if the car relies entirely on what it itself can see. Hopefully it will only be a layer on top of systems that ensure that the car can operate independently at least as well as a human. Instead of the communication layer being something that leads to neglecting independent control.

I liked Brian Dunning's explanation for what he served time for, up to the point where he started talking about not having enough money to fight the case. After that, he's basically claiming innocence by obscurity. And the rogues don't seem to have done an independent investigation of what happened. Maybe they were caught off-guard by Brian being so defensive. Steve talks about redemption, but redemption for what? Brian didn't admit to being at fault. So effectively he's claiming to be the victim, and there's still a guilty party that hasn't paid their debt to society, somewhere.

657; Funniest line in the episode; "Elon is humble".

665; They say the ad product was made in the USA. Why does that matter? Especially when it's made available internationally, you can't claim environmentalism. Unless the US was somehow the most efficient place to make it.

666; I agree with several of Cara's evil points. But I don't agree at all with letting Christians decide what the term "god" means and not using it for a variety of other entities. Instead I think that using the term broadly might help people ask more questions about their own faith, as they notice other people talk about gods without automatically equating a god to their specific version of a god.

669; There have been some very brief references to Bill Nye Saves the World through and through, but it's only to say that Cara appears on that show. Admittedly I've skipped some episodes and not necessarily paid attention to everything. But having listened twice or more to other episodes, I still didn't notice any of the rogues comment on the quality of Bill Nye's show.

I recall the rogues talk about how annoying it can be to have someone make a bad argument for something you agree with. Bill Nye's show seems like a good opportunity to bring it up again.

693; I find I agree with the position Cara takes on the dangers of wealth inequality and genetic engineering, but for similar reasons I disagree with the premise she sets up when she's the moderator for whether it's worth it for everyone to go to college.

If it's not made affordable or free, then wealth inequality is a huge factor that has to be part of the discussion. And comparing the two topics, I think it would be much easier to make college universally available, vs. doing it for future technologies. Other countries are already doing it. There shouldn't be anything in the way of the US doing it, too.


Back up to the episodes where they're giggly about the CIA. This is the most disappointed I've been with the rogues. The CIA is known to have been actively involved in war crimes, and hasn't faced consequences for it. The whistleblowers are the ones who have the most to fear. You can't dismiss what they have done as if it's in the past, as if you can expect that they're squeaky clean now, when it's never been fully investigated and rooted out. Especially when you have a current head of state, with significant executive powers, who talks about legalizing what is internationally recognized to be war crimes and human rights violations.
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Re: Starting Over At Episode #1
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665; They say the ad product was made in the USA. Why does that matter? Especially when it's made available internationally, you can't claim environmentalism. Unless the US was somehow the most efficient place to make it.

That was an advertisement. That's what they were paid to say. Those are the advertisers words, not their's.
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