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Re: Episode #692
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I’m given to understand that lithium isn’t produced in nuclear fusion, and I’m not aware of any sort of nuclear decay that would produce lithium (I might be wrong, so I’ve expressed myself carefully in case someone more knowledgeable corrects me).
I'm no more knowledgeable than you but I do have access to the wikimapedia:
7Li is one of the primordial elements (or, more properly, primordial nuclides) produced in Big Bang nucleosynthesis. A small amount of both 6Li and 7Li are produced in stars, but are thought to be "burned" as fast as produced.[26] Additional small amounts of lithium of both 6Li and 7Li may be generated from solar wind, cosmic rays hitting heavier atoms, and from early solar system 7Be and 10Be radioactive decay.[27] While lithium is created in stars during stellar nucleosynthesis, it is further burned. 7Li can also be generated in carbon stars.[28]