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So. This is a Netflix live action adaptation of a manga/anime called “Erased” in the English-speaking world. It’s real name is “Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/ぼくだけがいない街” or “The Town I Am No Longer From”. Most of Netflix’s live adaptations have sucked swamp water but this one is a pleasant exception.

I hadn’t read manga or watched anime in years when I stumbled upon it and gave it a watch. I was really impressed with it. Excellent characterizations, beautiful cinematography (good lord Hokkaido is gorgeous), and probably some of the best child actors I have ever seen, and the adult cast does an excellent job of fleshing out their characters better than the manga did with the subtleties in their performances. It’s a murder mystery of sorts with a small hint of sci-fi. I have watched it with several friends and they all really enjoyed it- though they figured out the twist before I did (I’m terrible with mysteries).

I highly recommend just watching it subbed. The dub is super awkward. It’s much closer to the manga than the anime (which has a completely different and frankly stupid ending) is. It drags a bit at the end (it could have been 10 episodes instead of 12).

So yeah. Netflix finally didn’t screw up an anime/manga live action adaptation. Truly a miracle indeed.
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