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BMJ Podcast - about EBM
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:21:36 PM »
A new episode of the BMJ's podcast is out, they are starting a "trial run" of a new podcast (it's part of one of their existing podcasts, but it could be spun off into it's own)...called "Talk Evidence". The first episode deals with Vitamin D, Oxygen and ethics...

Just starting to listen to it now. Here's the description...

Welcome to this, trial run, of a new kind of BMJ podcast - here we’re going to be focusing on all things EBM.

Duncan Jarvies, Helen Macdonald and Carl Heneghan - and occasional guests- will be back every month to discuss what's been happening in the world of evidence.

We'll bring you our Verdict on what you should start or stop doing, geek out about stats, and rant about the unevidence based world in which we live.

This week we talk about:

Vitamin D


The UK parliament's report on clinical trial transparency