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Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:46:53 PM »
Fair warning and full disclosure, I have NOT watched this video as I simply didn't have the stomach to even see the censored examples of what he was talking about, but the content creator did include a brief text summary on reddit which I'll post here as well.

Quote from: Mattwatson07

Over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube. Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual child pornography in the comments. I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used Youtube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks. I have made a twenty Youtube video showing the process, and where there is video evidence that these videos are being monetized by big brands like McDonald’s and Disney.

This is significant because Youtube’s recommendation system is the main factor in determining what kind of content shows up in a user’s feed. There is no direct information about how exactly the algorithm works, but in 2017 Youtube got caught in a controversy over something called “Elsagate,” where they committed to implementing algorithms and policies to help battle child abuse on the platform. There was some awareness of these soft core pedophile rings as well at the time, with Youtubers making videos about the problem.

I also have video evidence that some of the videos are being monetized. This is significant because Youtube got into very deep water two years ago over exploitative videos being monetized. This event was dubbed the “Ad-pocalypse.” In my video I show several examples of adverts from big name brands like Lysol and Glad being played before videos where people are time-stamping in the comment section. I have the raw footage of these adverts being played on inappropriate videos, as well as a separate evidence video I’m sending to news outlets.

It’s clear nothing has changed. If anything, it appears Youtube’s new algorithm is working in the pedophiles’ favour. Once you enter into the “wormhole,” the only content available in the recommended sidebar is more soft core sexually-implicit material. Again, this is all covered in my video.

One of the consistent behaviours in the comments of these videos is people time-stamping sections of the video when the kids are in compromising positions. These comments are often the most upvoted posts on the video. Knowing this, we can deduce that Youtube is aware these videos exist and that pedophiles are watching them. I say this because one of their implemented policies, as reported in a blog post in 2017 by Youtube’s vice president of product management Johanna Wright, is that “comments of this nature are abhorrent and we work ... to report illegal behaviour to law enforcement. Starting this week we will begin taking an even more aggressive stance by turning off all comments on videos of minors where we see these types of comments.”1 However, in the wormhole I still see countless users time-stamping and sharing social media info. A fair number of the videos in the wormhole have their comments disabled, which means Youtube’s algorithm is detecting unusual behaviour. But that begs the question as to why Youtube, if it is detecting exploitative behaviour on a particular video, isn’t having the video manually reviewed by a human and deleting the video outright. Given the age of some of the girls in the videos, a significant number of them are pre-pubescent, which is a clear violation of Youtube’s minimum age policy of thirteen (and older in Europe and South America). I found one example of a video with a prepubescent girl who ends up topless mid way through the video. The thumbnail is her without a shirt on. This a video on Youtube, not unlisted, and is openly available for anyone to see. I won't provide screenshots or a link, because I don't want to be implicated in some kind of wrongdoing.

I want this issue to be brought to the surface. I want Youtube to be held accountable for this. It makes me sick that this is happening, that Youtube isn’t being proactive in dealing with reports (I reported a channel and a user for child abuse, 60 hours later both are still online) and proactive with this issue in general. Youtube absolutely has the technology and the resources to be doing something about this. Instead of wasting resources auto-flagging videos where content creators "use inappropriate language" and cover "controversial issues and sensitive events" they should be detecting exploitative videos, deleting the content, and enforcing their established age restrictions. The fact that Youtubers were aware this was happening two years ago and it is still online leaves me speechless. I’m not interested in clout or views here, I just want it to be reported.

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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2019, 01:27:18 AM »
I'm generally uncomfortable with people sharing pictures of their kids online, because the kids won't have a say in that. Even if you ask them, they don't know the full consequence of potentially the entire world having access to something. And when they're old enough that they could deny someone the right to take their picture in private, or to use their image, they can't go back and remove what the adults already shared.

Close up videos of children, that's a whole lot of pictures in one go. If I ran a video sharing site, I might have a blanket ban on videos with children unless it's some kind of public event or they're obviously not the focus of the video.

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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2019, 05:38:45 AM »
between this,  the pseudoscience, and all the right wing radicalization, youtube is a big piece of shit.. the only thing i use it for anymore is to watch music videos.

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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2019, 08:38:33 PM »
between this,  the pseudoscience, and all the right wing radicalization, youtube is a big piece of shit.. the only thing i use it for anymore is to watch music videos.

It depends which channels you watch. SciShow and Kurzgesagt are still as good as ever. Don't watch that shit and YouTube's recommendation algorithm will stop feeding it to you.
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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2019, 11:49:18 AM »
Is it possible for an algorithm to determine what may be the exploitation and sexualization of children on YouTube? A video game reviewer I admire on YouTube brought this up today as well, to my surprise.

Edit: I'm still incrementally watching the video posted. I didn't realize the problem was this insidious. This reminds me of my niece, specifically, as a seven-year-old, using this app through which many children upload mock music videos dubbed over by whatever pop song they want.
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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2019, 12:04:25 PM »
Wow I thought this was going to be a child labour thing from the title (my kid likes to watch some big business YouTube star families that make me a little bit uncomfortable because as far as I can tell they are basically making shows by exploiting their kids without being beholden to any fancy Hollywood child actor laws)
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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #6 on: February 22, 2019, 01:26:06 PM »
Our daughter ( age 8 ) has her own youtube channel. She likes to do toy unboxings. She's a bit of a natural performance talent and it helps her hone her skills. That said, a kid doing an unboxing video is like one of a billion on Youtube. Even if you search for her videos with the exact title, Youtube still buries it on page 4 of the results. Still, even against this perceived anonymity a big crowd provides, we make sure she doesn't use her real name or provide location information or details like her school.

Every summer my family has a family film festival. The group of us (brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews) get together on a long weekend. Everyone makes a movie and then we exhibit our films and have our own family Oscars. We've been doing every year, unbroken, for the last 30 years. It's a huge amount of fun. Anyway, I started putting the films up on youtube. There was one called "Pie". It's a short film where my cousin's wife (attractive woman) ends up getting a pie in her face. Okay. Ha ha. Of all the videos I put up on Youtube that one started getting weird comments. Not obscene per se but weird and laden with an unfamiliar jargon that seemed a nudge creepy. "Oh that was a good goo take after the first pie blast! Reminds me of the work of Stan the Clam back in the 70s." Like weird shit. Anyway, I'd click on the profiles of the commenters and I discovered they were mostly from some weird fetish sub culture that collects videos of attractive young women getting pied in the face or buckets of goo poured over their heads. A central theme seemed to be they were going about their business (usually in a bikini) and they either get a pie in the face or a big bucket of goo poured on them.

I dunno.
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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2019, 06:04:57 PM »
This is why we can't have nice things.

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Re: Youtube and Child Exploitation...
« Reply #8 on: March 21, 2019, 03:32:03 AM »
This is a very disturbing article.

A mom on a popular YouTube show is accused of pepper-spraying her kids when they flubbed their lines

The statement of probable cause details a visit that welfare officers made to the home on March 13 after getting a tip from an adult daughter, who said one of the children said they were being abused.

During the welfare check, one child was found in an unlocked closet, which has a locking mechanism, wearing only a pull-up diaper, the statement said, adding that the other six children appeared to be malnourished. It said they had pale complexions, dark rings under their eyes, were underweight and they said they were thirsty and hungry.

According to the probable cause statement, one of the children drank three 16-ounce bottles of water within 20 minutes and said he had been pepper sprayed numerous times as punishment by his mother. Another child said she was extremely hungry and was given a bag of chips on the scene. However, she was afraid to eat the chips because she didn't want her mother to smell them on her breath, the statement said.

The Department of Child Safety then removed the seven children from their mother's custody.

A search of the home found two cans of pepper spray in the mother's room, and the closet in her bedroom had a deadbolt lock and a bare tile floor, the statement said.

In follow-up interviews, one child told of how they were kept locked in a closet for days at a time with no food, water or restroom. They also were pepper sprayed all over their face and body, spanked, forced to take ice baths, and forced to stand in the corner with their arms raised for several hours at a time, the statement said.

"I either get beat with a hanger or belt" "or a brush," one child said, "or get pepper sprayed from head to toe," according to the statement.

The child also said his mother would pinch the tip of his penis with her fingernails until it would bleed. Another child said she had been pepper sprayed on her vagina and recalled being in pain for four to five days, the statement said.

YouTube confirmed the channel was demonetized once the company was made aware of the arrest.