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Re: United Methodist Church policy
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2019, 04:40:09 PM »
While I agree that Christianity is lacking when it comes to love for all this has more to do with evangelical Church policy than dogma. They could join another church such as forms of Lutheranism that allow for gay clergy. John Wesley was a pretty conservative guy. I am actually surprised at how liberal Methodism has been over the years.

The UMC never struck me as particularly evangelical, but maybe the churches I've experienced are out-of-line with their headquarters or something.

It depends on how you define evangelical I guess. John Wesley was certainly part of the evangelical movement and he is often referred to as Wesley the Evangelist.

C'mon man.  Why you trying to complete Wesley's form of evangelicalism (which includes salvation through by actions or methods - cuz you know Methodists) and today's evangelicalism, in which you are saved just cuz you believe in jebus.  Or where part of your Wesleyan evangelicalism was to go round and build churches a part of a tour of the countryside.  Contrast that with today's evangelicalism where you just preach to the choir and get all smug and up your ass.  it's a cold day in hell when those people leave their Church to serve the community.

About all they share in common is the name. I suspect you know this too. 
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