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Subnautica - Spoilers Ahoy!

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This is how this game plays for me.

Okay, I need to do this next. And before I can do this, I need one of these and one of these. That means I need this, this, and this, and oh crap, I don't have any of that. I'll need to go find some. Into the Seamoth we go! Okay, I've just spent twenty minutes getting some more of this, so I've returned to my base, and what did I need that for again? Oh yes, so that's this made. Now I need to make one of these and hey, I can get this now. Let's just make one of those... there we go. And now I'm out of this. Crap. I'm sure I had some of that, which goddamn container was it in? No... no... no... no... no... no... damn, am I really out of it? Okay, into the Seamoth we go! Ah, here's some. I'll just collect... damn, my inventory is full. Back to base, drop some of this shit off, now back out again and what the hell is that?!?? Oh shit oh shit did I lose it? Whew! Let's repair the Seamoth... there we go. Now, what was I looking for again?


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