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Shogun: Total War (the original game from 2000)
« on: April 07, 2019, 12:49:52 PM »
I'm talking about the original game from 2000. I recently purchased it at Steam, looking to relive some childhood memories.

The game takes place during a Japanese civil war era, and you lead a clan with the goal of conquering all of Japan to become Shogun. You fight the rival clans who strive for the same goal, using armies, spies, assassins, etc, in order to achieve your goal.

It took me a while to calibrate my strategy. I played as the Shimazu clan that starts with controlling most of the Kyushu island. The other clan that controls a few provinces there can be easily kicked out. Nearby Shikoku is controlled by rebels who won't put up any coordinated defense, so that island can be pretty easily conquered as well, giving a relatively secure base for the conquest of the rest of Japan. I also like the use of shinobis (spies) to cause unrest in neighboring provinces held by rival clans, causing rebellions. That way, I don't have to declare war on them straight away, I can make the province rebel-held, and then conquer it for myself.

In the game, Portuguese and Dutch explorers try to make a deal with you, selling you guns. The Portuguese require that you convert to Catholicism, abandoning Buddhism, in order to make a deal with them. The Dutch have no such requirements, they will sell you guns anyways. And because I don't like the idea of converting to Christianity, and the Buddhist warrior monks are among the strongest troops in the game, not available to Christians, I struck a deal with the Dutch only.

For various reasons, last week was a bit rough for me in life. But at least I became Shogun...

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