Author Topic: Is it healthier to drink alcohol in moderation compared to not at all?  (Read 1618 times)

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Bring on CRISPR! I can only imagine a world without addiction, but an even better idea is one where alcohol is not only harmless, but healthful. That's probably why I always thought that Bender was a brilliant character.

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So if you'd never had a drink in your life, and you hear that there's a small chance it could cause a mild-to-nonexistent health benefit versus a somewhat larger chance of debilitating and possibly lethal addiction, what do you choose?

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I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘enjoy or care about drinking.’  Frankly, it sounds to me like you’re describing alcoholism.
No, not at all. I was thinking of it as the opposite of my mother, for example, who feels ill after drinking even a half 'drink' of alcohol, and was stressed when she started hearing that she should drink a glass of wine a day, until I told her that, like me, she's best avoiding it altogether (although for different reasons, obviously). I'm imagining a (possibly non-existent) person who will happily accept a beer if you offer one to them, but then knock back the second, because they've had enough, not because they're monitoring how much to drink before driving, or for some external reason.

You misunderstand.  You describe people who "enjoy or care about drinking" as being incapable of drinking a single drink without drinking to excess.  That does not sound like enjoying drinking; it sounds like alcoholism.
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To clarify, Steve did say that the evidence seemed to suggest no amount of alcohol consumption was healthy. But it is not outright deadly like tobacco smoke.

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