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Re: Episode #722
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Now, a directional hearing aid, if such things don't yet exist, would be very useful.

They exist, I have that on one of my settings but unfortunately, it is no help to me.  I avoid restaurants and bars, in part, because it is awful to hear all the noise and not be able to understand anything said at the table.  My hearing aids (Siemens) do have a pretty good tinnitus setting, kin of a frying bacon sound, and it mitigates the high pitch squeal (cysplatin, thank you). 
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Re: Episode #722
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I'm going to point out that I never mentioned Jay's name until just now, and I'm trying to focus on the activities rather than comparing specific individuals.

The subject came up, I presume, because it was discussed on the show, and it was discussed on the show because Jay went on a cruise. I took it as an implied criticism of Jay, along with everyone else who takes cruises, and I wished to point out that nearly everyone living a middle-class lifestyle is harming the environment roughly to the same degree as people whose vacation of preference is a cruise. I mentioned Jay by name because it was his cruise that led to this discussion.

We are altering the environment to the detriment of ourselves and future generations. By "we" I mean me, and you who are reading this, and everyone else who spends money to maintain a middle-class lifestyle and on travel and manufactured goods.
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