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Stadia, google get's into gaming


Pre order is out, anyone getting it? I love the idea of it, and hope it works well, not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger just yet. I'm excited to see how it goes, I've slipped more into a casual gamer but its very temping.

I see you goog's trying to take there thunder. Will be interesting to see...

--- Quote ---Google announced today that it will hold another Stadia Connect press conference during Gamescom 2019.

The conference will be on August 19 at 10am PDT (7pm CEST), which is an hour before Gamescom’s Opening Night Live press conference that will play host to PlayStation, Xbox, and more.
--- End quote ---

Wasn't the problem the limited bandwidth that most potential costumers have to deal with in the US?

And wasn't this a sugar substitute?

The Latinist:
They’re promising 4K60, right?  That’ll take about 15 Mbps.  The bigger issue, I should think, will be latency.


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