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Conspiracism bibliography: Sneak preview and request
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:37:42 pm »
Hi, All.

(Apologies for cross-posting.)

TL;DR: An early version (0.1) of my bibliography on scholarship about conspiracist ideation* is available.  PM me if you'd like (free) access.  I'd welcome constructive feedback.

I've been compiling a bibliography on scholarship about conspiracist ideation (BoSaCI**), focused on aspects of conspiracy theorists and their belief phenomena.  This is meant to help those interested in this topic find more relevant scholarly work more efficiently (e.g., with higher recall and precision) than searching by other means.  It's still rather preliminary in form, content, and other properties: currently a spreadsheet that contains citations and further info for more than 600 records -- so far mostly (all?) journal articles.  I've begun sharing its Version 0.1 to gauge interest and solicit feedback.  I'd gladly provide this version (for free) upon request, through at least September 2019 (and beyond if you can contact me); just message me via this forum.  (For now I won't attach this or give a URL, partly in case that's frowned upon here.)

I'd appreciate constructive input about BoSaCI's positives and negatives as well as potential improvements to any aspects (e.g., scope, eligibility criteria, search strategies, content, format, name).  I'm especially interested in ideas about disseminating BoSaCI more effectively: Eventually I'd like to make it widely available online via a user-friendly interface with good search functionality and other useful features (e.g., export of selected records, URL for each record to facilitate linking, tracking of usage), and I'm seeking alternatives to CiteULike -- a now-defunct service I used for a similar project.  Any recommendations for promising solutions or similar projects as examples?

That's all for now.  I've drafted a wordier description of this BoSaCI project, including my motivation, its scope, lit-search strategies, BoSaCI V0.1's content, and miscellaneous issues; this is also available upon request through at least September 2019.

*I don't yet firmly understand some distinctions among key ideas in BoSaCI's conceptual domain or how authors use certain vocabulary, such as "conspiracist" vs. "conspiracy theorist" or "conspiracism" vs. "conspiracist ideation," so I may use terms interchangeably that aren't proper synonyms.

**Let's consider 'BoSaCI' an acronym (vs. initialism).  I'm open to suggestions for pronunciation as well as alternative acronyms or names; I abandoned an earlier candidate, "bibliography of research about conspiracy theorists" (BoRaCT), because "research" and "conspiracy theorists" seem to narrow.
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