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General Discussion / Re: Aziz Ansari allegations
« Last post by superdave on Today at 09:49:51 AM »
The very reason this story is important is because what Ansari did is common.  It makes it an instructive and useful example that will benefit a lot people.   I'm guessing most people don't need to be told that they shouldn't flash co-workers their junk, but subtle pressure and being oblivious to body language is a more nuanced and pervasive problem that we should hold a candle too.  Just because this wasn't a knife-point rape or because this happens to a lot of women doesn't make this less of an issue, it makes even more of an issue.
I'm only a layman with a mild interest in such things but my understanding of mainstream NT scholarship outside of apologists is in order of what I'm least uncertain of to most uncertain of:
Paul's theology differs a significantly from Jesus
Jesus was a believing Jew and not especially interested in gentiles
He was likely aligned with the essenes but not really one himself.
You are absolutely right that racism plays a part. It was not all that long ago that "white" hospitals would not treat black people. That's no longer the case, but racism keeps people of color in poverty at a much higher rate than white people. Today, a black person who has sufficient money will get excellent medical care in the U.S., and a poor white person will get no routine care, and for emergencies will probably end up in an overcrowded ER with long wait times. Today the split is rich/poor, not black/white; but black folks have few opportunities to get out of poverty.

So racism affects health care in the U.S. very strongly, but indirectly, through economic oppression and poverty.

I became an atheist several years ago, and for a long while I thought life was purposeless. I am still an atheist today, but two years ago, I discovered that science had something to say about the purpose of human life in particular.
•   Science reasonably indicates that the purpose of human life is likely to engineer the creation of Artificial General Intelligence!
•   But why is the purpose of human life reasonably to create Artificial General Intelligence?
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by unixTechie on Today at 09:10:58 AM »
General Discussion / Katy Jurado
« Last post by daniel1948 on Today at 09:09:33 AM »
The Google Doodle for today honors Mexican actress Katy Jurado. Emilio Portes Gil, who became President of Mexico in 1928, was her cousin. Emilio Portes Gil was appointed to the Presidency when Alvaro Obregon was assassinated.

After the Mexican Revolution, the new Constitution specified no re-election of Presidents. Obregon was elected, and after he finished his term, Plutarco Elias Calles was elected. Then Obregon was elected again, claiming that it was not really re-election because of the intervening term. Obregon and Calles had intended to trade off alternate terms, thus circumventing the intent of the Constitution to prevent exactly this sort of stranglehold on power. So, amid general outrage, Obregon was shot and killed near the beginning of his second term. It takes time to organize an election, so they needed someone uncontroversial to serve an interim term, and Emilio Portes Gil was generally respected and liked by everybody. So he was appointed for a two-year term as President. He was the only President of Mexico ever to get some land back from the U.S. He negotiated the return of a tiny, postage-stamp sized chunk of land.

Emilio Portes Gil had a son, Domingo Portes, who did not want to follow his father into politics. In the late 1990's Domingo, now a very old man, and his wife, Cornelia Camacho Portes (Connie) lived in Queretaro, Mexico, in a small house in a quiet neighborhood, and Connie ran a small laundry out of their home. I moved into the neighborhood and started taking my clothes there to be washed. I became friends with Connie because of her cat, Lince (which means lynx, though Lince was just a regular housecat).

And so through Connie, who washed my clothes, I became friends with the son of the cousin of today's Google Doodle recipient, Katy Jurado.

Small world.
General Discussion / Re: Aziz Ansari allegations
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 08:57:36 AM »
Ive been told off for asking and I told them off right back.

The idea that this is all pervasive in society and so we shouldnt pick on this guy just because he is famous seems wrong to me.
We use famous people as examples ALL the time. Aziz has enjoyed being a positive example for most of his career, now we get to hit the point of consent and what inappropriate behaviour looks like to a huge audience.
If I did what he did, I would expect all our mutual friends to hear about it and to get a reputation as a creep. His reach and reputation is bigger than mine. He has enjoyed benefits because of that, now he is seeing a downside.

Also, this lady is not trying to have it both ways. If I recall the article, it was her friend who actually reached out to the press.
General Discussion / Re: Aziz Ansari allegations
« Last post by Jaloopa on Today at 08:54:17 AM »
I asked for a kiss on my first date with my wife. She still mocks me for it, although I think that's more to do with the awkward way I asked rather than the fact that I asked at all.

But really, it doesn't take much awareness of social cues to work out whether the person you're with is OK with you approaching for a kiss, going for a feel, or whatever. And if you misread it, even if they don't explicitly say so there are plenty of signs that can give you pause to take a step back and ask "are you OK with where this is going?"
General Discussion / Re: Aziz Ansari allegations
« Last post by superdave on Today at 08:45:13 AM »
"would you like to /make out/have sex/do some oral/"

It sounds so easy to ask why don't guys just ask this stuff, but I remember during early dating years, being terrified of asking something like that.  In retrospect, of course I shouldn't have been.  If we were more socialized into thinking straight up asking or discussing these things was OK, consent issues would be much easier to manage.

This is just speculation but I get the sense that Ansari felt that merely by agreeing to come back to the apartment, Grace had in fact consented.
Games / Re: D&D Game
« Last post by Morvis13 on Today at 08:36:47 AM »
I added Rath journal to roll20.
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