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Tech Talk / Re: Cryptocurrency
« Last post by albator on Today at 08:28:37 AM »
That's not how this works. You have a header of max 100 bytes,I think. And I'd guess some of those bytes are required to have specific value, so the amount of information that can be 'injected' per transaction is really low.
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by unixTechie on Today at 07:40:52 AM »
Tech Talk / Re: Self-Driving Cars
« Last post by Fast Eddie B on Today at 07:33:21 AM »
Is everyone familiar with AlphaGo and AlphaZero? These are computer programs with just the rules of Go and Chess, then turned loose to “play with themselves” and figure out the best way to win. In very short order, they figured out how to best the best humans and computers, surpassing hundreds of years of human study and decades of computer programming.

I suspect something similar will be the key here. There’s no way a human programmer can anticipate every possible situation a driver faces. But give a computer some basic goals and turn it loose to run simulations and refine its own programming to achieve those goals, and the progress has the potential to be quite rapid. And continuous. And progressing geometrically once thousands or millions of driverless cars, programmed to learn, start facing more and more real world situations and sharing that real world learning to other vehicles via a core “hive mind” database.

Science fiction? Maybe right now, but right around the corner, given Moore’s law and history.

Note: if I seem unresponsive to phooey’s posts, well...reasons.
I'm about as inflexible as a person can be due to short tendons from birth.

I can do this better than I would have guessed but i can't get that far down with my heels on the floor.

The weird thing is that when i try, I don't feel a painful stretch in the Achilles, I feel a painful compression on the front side of my foot.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: The Road ahead.
« Last post by Halleyscomet on Today at 06:47:32 AM »
Halleyscomet wanted a "preach".  Seems he has certain connotations for the Children of God and their "preaching"


Asking you to preach on a specific passage completely defeated you.

Were you ALWAYS this bad at the basics of preaching, or did that level of incompetence develop later in life? If you were always that inept then the denomination that ordained you must be desperate for warm bodies to plop into the pulpits.

What was it, a weekend correspondence course to get ordained?
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #662
« Last post by bachfiend on Today at 04:44:00 AM »
Who is using that argument an where? Because that is false. The reason we do randomized controlled trials is to determine causation.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

No, we do double-blinded controlled studies to determine if there’s a correlation between the variables present - and to avoid that the expectations of the investigators and/or the subjects may influence the results observed.

If a correlation is observed, it doesn’t mean that there’s causation present.  But if no correlation is observed, then it does disprove causation.  At least to the extent of the power of the study.  Small negative studies don’t mean as much as large negative studies.

It’s also important that the study should be double-blinded, which might be difficult or impossible to arrange.  With DST it may be impossible to avoid the population being made aware that driving might now be more hazardous - for example it might be dark when they drive to work or they might now be driving into the rising or setting sun - and that they should take greater care.  With a high fat/low carbohydrate diet it might be impossible to avoid the possibility that the test subjects might be more motivated, because they have a preexisting belief in its efficacy.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: Superman and God
« Last post by Abaddon on Today at 04:12:51 AM »
Ok Johan, if you’re a god, god's wife or whatever you’re claiming this week, explain the Religious significance of Judges chapter 19.

Actually it is a God.  And more specific the Wife of God with many God-Children.  And being Children they are very naughty and ignorant.  But I have Patience with them.

As for you question:

You have to read that chapter together with another one.

1 Kings 3

But before we really going into other themes.  Let us finish what needs to be finished as we are not far from the "end".

We are busy here with  Abaddon and his lies.  And then we are also busy with the "Terrible Things"

So are you with Us in the Toi-toi against the "fakes"
No lies from me. You yourself handed everyone the court papers. You yourself handed out publicly the contact details for all the good folks you wronged. You yourself invited everyone to make contact with them.

Now, you are surprised that anyone did what you demanded, you are surprised that anyone emailed and phoned your victims. Well, tough luck for you. You actually asked us to do so. You challenged us to do so. You really thought that the internet would hide what you really are.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: The Road ahead.
« Last post by Abaddon on Today at 04:06:25 AM »
So kindly explain, Johan, why it is that you are allowed to "backbite" elsewhere and on facebook too, when you consider such to be somehow scurrilous.

Square that circle.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: The Road ahead.
« Last post by Abaddon on Today at 03:57:55 AM »
So I am actually disciplining him.  And this I will link to him again to make the discipline effective.

How exactly are you "disciplining" him?

Giving him enough rope.  Like Abaddon and you running with the "backbiting" of Abaddon while he just gave us his opinion without any evidence whatsoever. Being a puppet to those that misused him. And now you guys are swinging on your ropes in the Sun.

Wait a minute, Johan. You are whinging about people talking behind your back and yet you are doing the very same thing about me on a different forum of which I am not a member. I cannot respond to you there because I am not a member there. Nevertheless you continue to bad mouth me there doing exactly the thing you bemoan.
Religion / Philosophy Talk / Re: The Road ahead.
« Last post by Johan on Today at 03:53:00 AM »
The Preach.

Halleyscomet asked for the preach on this "Monumental Day"

So here it is.

As you all are my Children it is just right that all should listen to the same Preach.


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