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Affirmative action in podcasts is pretty weird. I can literally start a podcast right now. It requires nothing but work. Zero buy in, no contacts/nepotism, no education. If you think non white and male people need to be included by quotas, that says a lot. Why don’t you guys rather go listen to some “minority” podcast? I’m sure there are millions.

Also, this thread is yet another internet street justice mob accusing Evan based on some anonymous internet posters allegations. It’s crazy to witness on a “skeptical” forum that justice is held in such disregard and subjective judgements based on dogma is so cherished.

Funny also how bias works as a lot of animosity is directed towards Evan these days, while people were clamoring to defend him when I made thread about him being the weakest link in the SGU some years ago, pathetic.
Skepticism / Science Talk / Re: Chris Hardwick (Nerdist) is also trash
« Last post by Vicarious on Today at 05:51:30 AM »
Believing one side based on gender, ethnicity or perceived social status while dismissing the other side for similar reasons is pretty much the opposite of the modern justice system in most states we’d like to live in. This is a reversion to mob justice based on personal biases, the very thing a court of justice is trying to counteract, but internet street justice seems to be all the rage these days and I think it’s dangerous. Very few skeptics itt.
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 05:50:38 AM »
Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire 6/10
It was watchable and it felt like it had promise. Just seemed to hit just a little wrong however.
Oh not the thread for it, but you should check out a show called The Outpost!
Its a low budget fantasy action show. The acting and writing are all a bit sketch but I kinda like it and I think you might too!
General Discussion / Re: SGU lawyer/buddy on Alex Jones
« Last post by Harry Black on Today at 04:46:12 AM »
So apparently he took to twitter to proactively and passionately defend the character of his friend, alt right pundit, conspiracy theorist and rape advocate Mike Cernovich.

For some reason I'm unable to parse the link right now but the tweet in question is toward the end of this article:

Absolute piece of shit.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Re: LCHF and healthy eating
« Last post by jt512 on Today at 04:34:49 AM »
Vegetarians don’t eat fish, fatty or otherwise, so it’s a moot point.

It’s only a moot point if you insist on being a vegetarian.

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After a cursory look around I'm having trouble understanding what is reasonable debunking of Jordan Peterson and what is just hate. Help me out?
On top of what SQ has said:

He told Sam Harris that he is appropriating the term truth to mean that anything that would cause harm should be considered untrue. So in his eyes- atheism and any science that could be destructive. He promotes belief in untrue truths that he believes may be beneficial.

He refuses to say if he believes in god or biblical jesus, not citing privacy but that its too difficult a philosophical question that will take him 5 years of thinking. Seriously.

He cites lobsters as the reason why we should not try to upset human hierarchies and as a model for anti depressant effects in humans. Lobster experts assure us he is full of shit.
Then theres this:

But Jim Jeffries did get him to admit he was wrong about something:

After a cursory look around I'm having trouble understanding what is reasonable debunking of Jordan Peterson and what is just hate. Help me out?
I can do a more sourced overview tomorrow at a keyboard, but the TL:DR is that he has a history of either outright fabrication (claiming C19 would imprison people for misusing pronouns). Additionally he made his money by offering $100/hr "life coaching" sessions and selling self-help books that just regurgitate the same self-help as anyone else wrapped in pseudoscience and pseudohistory. He describes himself as a historian at times claiming that he's qualified to blame atheism and progressivism for the fall of major empires. He's busy promoting a sort of pseudochristianity as well, claiming atheism leads to amoralism, saying that since most women won't be top in their field they should be happy as a housewife making kids, pining for a return to the days of "Christian culture." Atop that, much of his psychology work is debunked or suspect reinterpretation of Jungian archetypes, an obsession with narratives. To cap it all off he just says untrue bullshit, like claiming that the Egyptian entined snakes were the result of a genetic memory of the structure of DNA, claiming that since lobsters have social hierarchy and have serotonin in their brains, that's evidence that hierarchies are natural and therefore good, always wrapped in layers of hemming and hawing so he can always cry that he was quoted out of context if you try to address a specific claim.

That's a constantly growing list of major criticisms, it doesn't necessarily hit on the ridiculous stuff he says about not sleeping for a month, or his daughter and he promoting the "carnivore diet" which they claim cured her rare arthiritis and depression. The stuff by Alexander Oxford does a good job of explaining why he's full of shit on philosophy. If you want the ever-expanding list of ridiculous pseudoscience, I'd recommend looking at the top posts on r/EnoughPetersonSpam, you'll find all the lobsters, chaos-dragons, and that time he claimed that Gödel's proved that truth was impossible without an axiom, "This faith in God is a prerequisite for truth."

Debunking Peterson's nonsense is like hunting termites with a bow and arrow. There's just so many tiny things going on that you'll exhaust yourself hitting each one, all while he cries that you simply took him out of context like the dirty feminist Marxist postmodernist you are.
Wait...since when are LEDs mercury vapor discharge lamps?  They’re two completely different technologies.  So are the backlights in LCD panels and fluorescent lights (though the latter do contain small amounts of mercury, they are not vapor discharge lamps at all). LEDs do not use mercury, but compounds containing indium and gallium.  If this is representative of the science behind the claims, then I’d say they’re bunk.
Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #684
« Last post by lonely moa on Today at 01:41:37 AM »
Just two syllables in hectare(s).

I love hearing discussions on farming between people basically ignorant of the subject.  Glyphosate didn't replace more dangerous herbicides. 

Arable farmers in  my area raise store lambs on winter break crops, there are three thousand outside my house finishing the oats sown directly after wheat harvest.  Saves soil nutrients, degradation and makes good profit from the meat.  Is it arable? Yes.  Is it grazing?  Yes.

NZ produces enough food for forty million people... that's 34 million more than live here. Seems like a tiny couple of mountainous islands is doing it's share, even though we produce a lot of certified organic product.  Mind you, we have our problems with water pollution and diminishing native biodiversity, but at least ur regulatory agencies don't dismiss the problems out of hand...

Permanent pasture with deep rooting herbs will save the world.  Sequester carbon, provide high quality protein, and use minimal water, and fossil fuel.

And the inevitable excreta of the lambs also fertilises the soil.  So it’s a win-win.

win win win.  It's actually dairy cattle urine patches that are a problem... if you are trying to pick holes, use that one.  There are about 50% more dairy cattle here than people and they drink about 40L of water / day...
I really like (Vic's, in Christchurch) organic sourdough bread.  I wonder how long I would have to eat it (daily) before it didn't make me sleepy and constipated.


I wonder why it makes you sleepy and constipated.

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