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Podcasts / Re: Opening Arguments #TTTBE
« Last post by Vay on Today at 11:51:12 PM »
I normally listen at 1.5 speed, but I had to slow it down to .5 for this fricking question.   ???
General Discussion / Re: Do you eat raisins, on purpose?
« Last post by brilligtove on Today at 11:20:32 PM »
Toasted cinnamon raisin bagels with sharp cream cheese? Wonderful.

Toasted raisin bread with a generous helping of salty butter? I'm salivating right now.

OTOH when I was having radiation treatment and my sense of taste was limited to a bit of umami, texture, and nothing else? Raisins have 10000000% nothing to recommend them when the sweet is taken away.
Tech Talk / Re: Firefox Quantum?
« Last post by brilligtove on Today at 11:17:43 PM »
I'm curious why you're running three separate script blockers. Don't they conflict? I ditched Adblock when NoScript came out, and dropped that when uBlock Origin hit the scene.

About once a season I attempt to switch to FireFox. A serious attempt too: I uninstall Chrome to make sure I use FF. So far the longest I've lasted is three weeks. The dealbreaker last time was the shitty implementation of the LastPass context menus.
Podcasts / Re: Which podcasts are we listening to?
« Last post by brilligtove on Today at 10:52:35 PM »
I heard they were even sowing nerd rage over Star Wars. Amazing.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / LCHF and healthy eating
« Last post by CarbShark on Today at 10:33:55 PM »

Effects of a low carbohydrate diet on energy expenditure during weight loss maintenance: randomized trial

Conclusions: Consistent with the carbohydrate-insulin model, lowering dietary carbohydrate increased energy expenditure during weight loss maintenance. This metabolic effect may improve the success of obesity treatment, especially among those with high insulin secretion.

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TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by stretcher on Today at 10:31:24 PM »
Wind River - 9/10

One of the best murder mysteries I've seen in a long time. A murder occurs on a reservation in Wyoming during the harsh of winter, and a Fish and Wildlife agent eventually pairs with a FBI special agent to solve it. The FBI agent is a fish out of water. Lots of great characters and emotion.
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by Morvis13 on Today at 10:27:54 PM »
Forum Games / Re: The Three-Word Story
« Last post by DevoutCatalyst on Today at 09:40:06 PM »
a wooden bowl
Forum Games / Re: The Three-Word Story
« Last post by Paul Blevins Jr. on Today at 09:26:51 PM »
His girlfriend turned
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