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Title: unexplained mysteries podcast
Post by: God Bomb on April 13, 2018, 03:56:39 am
This is from the parcast network.  I don't usually like parcast stuff because the hosts sound like they're on an infomercial.  The dialogue is completely scripted, they over-enunciate every word and the way they  speak is completely phony and sounds insincere and rehearsed.  I wouldn't mind something presented this way as much if they didn't also script in conversation between the two hosts.  There's nothing worse than phony back-and-forth. 

But that being said, the hosts on this show aren't as bad as the other parcast stuff I've tried (e.g. serial killers).  I actually checked this one out because it got a plug on Skeptoid.  I figured Brian Dunning is a man of integrity and would never plug anything just for the money.

The first few eps I checked were OK.  The stone henge one and mona lisa ones seemed to stay away from pseudo science and pseudo history, and I feel like I learned a few things.
I didn't really like the Shanti Devi reincarnation episodes though.  It was a two-parter.  100% of the first episode was a reading (offering no criticism or skepticism) of the account as told by one of the (very few) sources.  The second episode focuses largely on the writings and research of a "reincarnation expert" using his own findings as some kind of reference to examine the case of Devi.  In the final 3 minutes, the hosts said they couldn't really believe Devi's story because only one of the investigators into her case ever wrote anything about it, others declined to comment.  And they said they probably didn't buy the reincarnation research of the "expert" either although his cases  were more interesting than the Devi case because they were more well-documented.  Then they said many religions all over the world believe in reincarnation, so there must be something in our psyche that gravitates towards that belief (or something like that).

Seems like the worst kind of skepticism here.  They devoted 95% of the 2 episodes to credulously regurgitating a very flimsy story and uncritically reading from the works of a reincarnation "expert", then devoted a few sentences to wash their hands with the whole thing.  In some ways this is worse than being a true believer because you're actually promoting something that you don't even believe in.