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Title: Weekly Critical Thinking Blog with a heavy dose of humor and fun
Post by: mountainsophist on July 01, 2018, 12:29:50 PM
I had wanted to take a more active role in skepticism for a while and finally decided to start writing - at first just on my Facebook page for some friends.  I was enjoying the writing process and I felt that it helped me understand many critical thinking concepts more fully as I'd have to research them, edit, rewrite, etc.  Since I have a website for my woodworking business that allows me unlimited blogs, I decided to move there where I could use more pictures, formatting control, etc.  I aim for a weekly post.  I focus on a just one or two topics per post and try to keep it light and fun.  It's quite a challenge at times to boil some of these concepts down to a few paragraphs.  Plus tell a little story, add humor and a helping of odd pictures.  I update the site and blog as I go and learn more about that so you might see things change a bit.

Feel free to have a read.  I just hit article #15 today. (

If you are into puzzle boxes or other woodworking oddities, have a look around the rest of the site.  Oh, I started this site back when SGU had the 10% off with Squarespace so that really helped to get going!