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Title: Windows 10 Build 1903
Post by: Desert Fox on August 22, 2019, 02:51:36 PM
Just kind of curious what people think of it?

I have loaded it onto five machines so far - I want it done on my time not when Windows chooses, especially machines that use a mobile hotspot much of the time. Some of the machines are backup machines that I don't use a lot but want them upgraded prior to the end of support. Have one more computer to update to 1903 (My TV server) which I rebooted to update just prior to leaving for work. 

My roommate loaded it onto an old ASUS G72GX that seemed to have trouble with it. Otherwise, I have not YET had trouble with any computers loading it. One of them actually has significantly lower overall specs than the G72GX so does not appear to be a performance issue. The one I loaded 1903 on is far newer however.

One thought is that I always typed into Cortiana and find myself being caught by it. Thinking about deleting it from the task bar and just leaving the normal search. Certain programs are easier to find when you just type the first couple of letters vs finding it in the trees.
Title: Re: Windows 10 Build 1903
Post by: DevoutCatalyst on August 22, 2019, 03:18:14 PM
My desktop would not update. Tried all the recommended tricks, many attempts at updating.  "The installation failed in the First_Boot phase with an error during Sysprep Operation" So I did a fresh install without any drama. I don't care about the features, just didn't want to lose support. I wish Windows would knock it off with forced updates. If you leave your machine unattended for any length of time you may come back to a nasty surprise.

My laptop updated without a problem.

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Title: Re: Windows 10 Build 1903
Post by: Desert Fox on August 22, 2019, 04:14:41 PM
Not all that worried about additional features either - Mine was more to not lose support as well.