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Has Stephen Fry ever used PC or SJW as a pejorative?

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TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by SnarlPatrick on Today at 03:11:31 AM »
Yes, he movie could have been made "the other way" but in order to do so, you'd first, have to have an agenda rather than an open mind, and second have had to interview basement dweller MRA cranks, not leaders of the community like Elam, Esmay, Karen Straughn, Farrel etc. And the feminists who where interviewed (apart from big red) had professorships and status. Establishment credentials and leadership positions. They WERE told that these were followup interviews with these MRA, and I thought she explained their positiosn clearly, and concisely on camera... and then observed how the feminists wished to characterize the issue. It's not that they didn't know they'd be up against real arguments. It appeared that they either didn't care, or genuinely didn't believe there WERE real arguments.

I mean, the movie begins with horror at Paul Elam's "bash a violent bitch month" article and the narrator's horror. It is held together by her contemporaneous video diaries showing her mixed and changing feelings. She also claims to have hundreds of hours of interview footage and intends to release it all. The feminists were not "ambushed."

The men in MRA who are in favor of a return to "traditionalism/patriarchy" are seen as anachronisms, at least by my faction. And the claim that that's what MRA is, was made in the film by a feminist with a professorship and it came off just as much as a biased a smear and untrue then as it does now.

Also Redamare, I know these words are changing, but CHS is conservative? No. Conservatives are the only ones who will hear her out without protest, but it blows my mind to imagine her a conservative. She's the preeminent feminist that held onto the true equality vision and resisted the infantlizing victimhood narrative. That's integrity, not conservatism, and it's deeply sad to me that the two seem to be being conflated. (Though obviously not everyone would agree with that characterization.) Maybe you're correct about her public image and her inclusion would have been a detriment... but that just makes me desperately sad about the state of the discourse and the effectiveness of marginalization and the takeover of activist groups.

Everything can be improved, but if you think the film was fundamentally deceptive I can only explain that by imagining that you began with a strong strong bias and would not set it aside for viewing. And the attempts to shut the film's screenings down only reinforce that the loudest feminism mainstream is anti-freedom/anti-debate, and wants to tell women, as well as men, what they can and can't think or view.
Music / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by GodSlayer on Today at 02:48:15 AM »

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Podcast Episodes / Re: Episode #623
« Last post by estockly on Today at 01:40:13 AM »
Well, if you're not adapted to burning fat and you try to functions at a high energy level those first few days will be miserable

Your mileage may vary.
General Discussion / Re: Cosby Trial in Jury's Hands
« Last post by The Latinist on Today at 01:30:24 AM »
Some idiot PR person apparently thought the way to rehabilitate Cosby's image is to tour the country lecturing young men on how to avoid getting accused of sexual assault. From CNN:

Cosby's plan for the town halls was announced Wednesday when Cosby's publicists, Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, spoke on "Good Morning Alabama." Wyatt said Cosby "wants to get back to work" and would embark on town halls to talk about broader issues of allegations of sexual assault.

"Because this is bigger than Bill Cosby," Wyatt said. "This issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today. And they need to know what they're facing when they're hanging out and partying, when they're doing certain things that they shouldn't be doing."

"And it also affects married men," he added.

Benson further explained what she said was a need for education on the issue.

"The statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended," she said. "So this is why people need to be educated on -- a brush against the shoulder, you know, anything at this point can be considered sexual assault, and it's a good thing to be educated about the laws."
side note: if you use "PC" or "SJW" as a pejorative, you might want to check how far you've fallen down the reactionary rabbit hole).

Really?  People like Stephen Fry and George Carlin, who famously referred to PC as "fascism masquerading as politeness", are reactionaries now?  Amazing.
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by Redamare on Today at 12:04:53 AM »
Well, that's the thing. The intellectual core of the MRM doesn't want a return to the old ways. They want Liberation. The problem is that men's Liberation is one of the most threatening aspects of feminism to the "Patriarchy". (In quotes because different people mean different things by that word. Personally, I see it as something that is only slightly institutional, living mostly in the hearts of ordinary people.)

At a certain point, after it became clear that certain parts of Feminism overlapped with the worldview of Patriarchy, and those areas (such as women being damsels in distress in need of a rescue) became central to the "branding" of feminism.

This is essentially my opinion, but I haven't seen much to contradict it.
I think Wastrel put it very well.

I'm very concerned about the future of the skeptical movement. Initially, I thought it was primarily about education, promoting scientific literacy, and teaching critical reasoning skills. Over time, I've noticed that the Venn Diagram of the movement has a lot of overlap with some pretty strange communities. A lot of self-proclaimed skeptics seem to focus on fighting ward against political correctness and social justice causes (side note: if you use "PC" or "SJW" as a pejorative, you might want to check how far you've fallen down the reactionary rabbit hole).

Maybe the skeptical movement doesn't mean what I thought it did. I think that it needs some serious reform if it is not going to deteriorate into irrelevance, though.

FWIW, I hope that skeptical leaders like the SGU consider the following:
1) Forcefully condemn misogyny, and be clear that misogynists are not welcome within the movement.
2) Make a concerted effort to promote underrepresented groups. Actively promote the contributions of women and POC!
3) Discard the self-proclaimed free-speech advocates, who are more interested in offending marginalized groups than they are in science.
4) Be more inclusive about religion. Stamp out Islamophobia.
5) Develop a stronger connection with the educational community (both at the college level and K-12). We need more teachers as leaders in the movement!

Ok, those are just my ramblings. Obviously, take them with a grain of salt.
General Discussion / Re: Cosby Trial in Jury's Hands
« Last post by Nemmzy on June 23, 2017, 10:36:36 PM »
Not exactly a news source but it is the fist place I saw this.


Juror Says Bill Cosby Had “Already Paid a Price & Suffered” as If That’s the Fair Punishment for Rape
General Discussion / Re: The Coffee Thread
« Last post by Nemmzy on June 23, 2017, 10:28:59 PM »
I often reminisce about the 'doppio con latte' that was served by a woman somewhat older than me.  Those coffees were delights and a wonderful prelude to the very high fat, delicious breakfasts served in every little hotel we stayed at in Umbria/Toscana whist cycling.  Italy knows coffee.

and pizza, wine, ice cream, seafood, ........
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