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Is it just meets or do meets-and-greets count as well?
I laughed as well at the topic title.

I can certainly reduce my meetings if it will help the planet.

The number one cause of emissions is reproduction, since having children leads to all the other problems, including more children in the future.

If people would stop reproducing everything would be fine.  To speed up the solution we should also just kill ourselves. 
Is it just meets or do meets-and-greets count as well?
You can't have infinite expansion in a finite space.
Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine / Re: The Cycling Thread
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The Epic is a real performer, keeps the old grouch happy.  Never thought a bicycle could be so much fun.

She wants one.
Is there such a thing as sustainable in the context of a constantly increasing human population?

IMHO, no.
Watching a youtube panel on the episode last night that made me laugh-
Jon is now ICE. As in, he is working at the border :laugh:

Why didnt Jon just pretend Dany went off on drogon and never came back? Maybe she fell off!
I think the handmaids tale only works as a slippery slope for the current gender disparity.
'What if men were the ones who were REALLY oppressed' could really backfire.
So now I'm down to just one of these shows that I have interest in. Lovecraft country seems like a misleading name.

It is a great book. There are light horror elements and there are Lovecraft aspects in there, but more subtle and less weird than Lovecraft.

The real horror is the racism of the time. Most of the main characters are black. The white characters are generally the villains.
I'm not sure all that's the case, but differences of opinion aside, this is a world where winters last years

You're not sure what's the case? That it was ash that was falling? I think that was made abundantly clear both in this episode and the last.

Watch the scene when Drogon shakes it off again.  It is clearly snowing and not just ash falling.

Or are you unsure that it was several weeks at least between the death of Dany and the following scene?  Look at Tyrion's beard; they clearly establish through it that he's been in that cell for weeks if not months. The same for Jon's beard, later.  Not to mention that Sansa has had time to travel from Winterfell to Kings Landing, a journey of several weeks, and the lords of Westeros have had time to assemble massive armies outside of the city.

That's true, I forgot about the beards.  Still, unless they are implying that winter (or years long winters at least) was a product of the Night King, it still seems a bit short.
They did imply that.

It's all fine and good to think or know that, but do you mind telling me when and how?  I mean, it certainly could make sense if they chose to play it that way, I just didn't recall them alluding to it in any specific manner. Regardless, it really seemed like winter kept on coming until after Dany died, not after the Night King died.
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