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General Discussion / Re: Geography
« Last post by Rai on Today at 09:46:26 AM »
I managed 197/197 with 2:17 to spare. I did practice this a lot years ago, and the Caribbean and Pacific countries did give me a bit of a headache, but it seems I've still got it.
General Discussion / Re: Notable passings and other milestones
« Last post by Friendly Angel on Today at 09:08:27 AM »
Jack Van Impe... 89.
American televangelist and end-times prophesiser whose wife sold her soul to Satan for her porcelain complexion and big hair.
Oh, I see now that your original list item was "animal manure fertilizer". So apparently dredging canals or using human waste or dead fish as was done at least in New England wouldn't count?
As for creating species, teosinte is a hell of a lot less like maize than the wild precursors of wheat or rice are like their cultivated relatives.
Taxonomically, maize is a type of teosinte (Zea). Its genetic history is uncertain, but archaeologists believe it's been cultivated for about 6,000-10,000 years.
Yeah and? Were you making a point here or what? Should I have specified "wild teosinte" because you couldn't get that from context?

They also had no cheese without cows

Cows are not the only animals that give potable milk. Llamas and alpacas do too, and the Spanish reported that Native Mesoamericans even drank that milk on occasion. It's actually high in lactose, fats and protein and can reportedly make very good cheese. Llama and alpaca cheeses are sold in Andean markets today.

So is your criterion the development of cheese in particular, or is it the development of fermentation as a way to preserve food?

Did any Native Americans do that? Did you even bother to check for yourself?

horseshoes for non-existent horses, how backwards!

Way to cherry-pick, while ignoring the main point about animal powered machinery.

The point about the lack of suitable draft animals has already been discussed.

And to bring up fertilisers, forestry or dogs, that betrays your thorough lack of knowledge and understanding.
And I'd like to see some evidence for your claims that they used fertilizer and bred varieties of specialized working dogs. 

If I was more petty, I'd demand evidence of Spanish use of each individual technology you listed before. You complain about the use of "Eurocentric", yet you continue to treat facts about Europe as axiomatic while doing little or no work of your own to find out what the Americas were like.

I Google "Aztec fertilizer" and one of the early results was this page that talks about several of the farming techniques they used. I know that's not primary research, but that's part of the point: you're asking questions that a Mexican elementary school student could probably answer for you (if you knew Spanish).

(Here's another article with a bibliography.)

And here's one about dog breeds.


It seems clear that you're engaged in some highly motivated reasoning. The fact that you keep hammering on the word "Eurocentric" really telegraphs your political bias.
The fact that you think that's what "Eurocentric" is doing is part of what demonstrates that you very much *don't* understand what we're saying.
General Discussion / Re: Things I (or you) don't get
« Last post by Friendly Angel on Today at 08:24:20 AM »
I don't get the appeal
I don't get why it's in the Olympics
I don't get the rules
Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by DevoutCatalyst on Today at 08:13:34 AM »
TV & Movies / Re: Rate the last movie you just saw.
« Last post by mindme on Today at 08:08:57 AM »
VHS 2 7/10 and VHS Viral 6/10 both found on Prime (Canada)

Each is a horror anthology movie. Every story is done as "found footage", which I think is too overdone these days. VHS 2 has a kind of main story that hangs the mini stories together. VHS Viral doesn't, as far as I could tell. VHS 2 tries to stay true to its name by having a pair of detectives looking for a missing kid loading a VCR with tapes the missing kid seems to have compiled. I'm not sure why a 17 year old kid is trading in VHS movies 2013. The simulated VHS roll and distortion gets irritating pretty quickly too. All that said there are some decent stories in here making these movies a kind of  zombie/Friday 13th version of Black Mirror. Everything is VERY bloody and there's some nudity. Oddly some of the stories are in other languages.

The best

Safe Haven (from VHS 2): a documentary crew visits a Jim Jones type cult in Indonesia just as they're about to birth the anti Christ. (Subtitles)

A Ride in the Park (from VHS 2): a mountain biker with a go pro gets bit by a zombie. We now see him terrorizing other people trying to enjoy the park.

Parallel Monsters (from VHS Viral): Set in some latam country, a guy invents a portal to a mirror universe. At the same time his mirror universe version makes his own portal and they both turn their portals on at the same time. They agree to spend 15 minutes in each other's universe. What at first seems normal (but simply mirrored) gets super creepy quickly for the guy from presumably our universe. It seems he's stepped into some weird anti Christ universe where people have monster penises (not a metaphor for a hung man) and women have vaginas that can eat you. Jesus, it gets even weirder.


Bonestorm (from VHS Viral): kids trying to make viral skateboard videos with go pros and one hand held cam head to Mexico so they can buy fireworks and beer and do even more crazy stunts. There's a bit of a funny back plot where the kid holding the cam seems to want to capture one of the stunt skateboarders getting killed. He doesn't warn him about approaching trucks and the like. For some reason they encounter zombie cultists and a monster and use their skateboards to fend them off.

Forum Games / Re: Visual Counting
« Last post by unixTechie on Today at 08:04:37 AM »
General Discussion / Re: NECSS 2020 dates?
« Last post by Diabolics on Today at 08:03:57 AM »
A massive 5% of 2020 has already passed and still no mention of this event  ;)

Well, I follow NECSS's facebook and twitter feed and thus hope there will be announcements soon as I will be flying in from Europe and need to plan a bit. I have not heard any mentions during the pods either thus I gather they are busy with other stuff.

Prior to last years event, they did publish the dates as far back as december 11, 2018, on facebook. Thus by that standard, they are late.
I'm not concerned about my low body temperature; I'm more concerned that my doctors may miss a diagnosis because they dismiss a fever as 'normal.'
I don't think fever is a symptom that can identify some illness as it is likely present in most infections. A doctor's main concern with fevers is longevity and threshold. Regardless of how ill you feel, if your fever is below 39, there is no concern that the fever will cause problems. You might have an infection, but if the fever is low, your body is working at the infection and a doctor would likely not help in any way. So rather than spending resources finding out about an infection that you would likely recover from, might as well dismiss you and come back if you start feeling worse, or other symptoms show up.
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