Author Topic: Joe Rogan gives SGU a shout out and admits moon landing was probably real  (Read 9931 times)

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My two favorite podcasts are the SGU and Joe Rogan Experience.  I am more science minded than Joe and never bought into the moon landing hoax.   I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Rogan had debated for the moon landing being a hoax with Phil Plait...I mean what was he thinking, Phil is the shiz and knows his stuff...debating against him is a fools errand if you as me.  But anyway, I digress...

Joe Rogan Finally conceded that the Moon Landing was most likely real  In Joe's words, he "couldn't find a smart person that believed in the moon hoax"  He also gave Skeptics Guide to the Universe a shout out at around 1hr 10 mins into this episode with everlast

I would say this is a win for logic rational thinking.


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I think Joe deserves a lot of credit for this.  How many times do we see people just insulate themselves from contradictory evidence, especially people in the public eye, with a community willing to support their incorrect belief?

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Yup, nothing but props for Joe here. Nice.

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Yay.  I always kinda figured he would come around.  He is skeptical on other topics.  I think he was really into the whole rooting for the underdog anti establishment part of the moon hoax conspiracy.
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This is pretty cool.  Maybe SGU should invite Joe Rogan on sometime.

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"The really smart guys I know think we went to the Moon... do you think we went or no?"

"I don't know."


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I had some trouble watching the video, but the bit I saw he was still going on about how "fake as fuck" a lot of the photos and videos of the landing look. Is he really being more skeptical, or falling for an 'argument from authority' (albeit in this case, the 'authorities' are right)?

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Big ups Joe Rogan.

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He's got a long way to go...but at least this is something in the right direction.  It is a big change for the better.

"I'd make fun of me too if I were a scientist"

I thought that was a funny line.
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I'll never stop disliking Joe Rogan, but at least he can admit when he's wrong.
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It's a drop of sense in an ocean of flake.

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So he is not the most scientifically correct person, he has his false beliefs...but don't we all?

The thing that draws me to Rogan the most is how open minded he is.  He is self-reflective, believes in self improvement and is a large advocate of spreading positive energy (not oras, but being nice to everyone)

I personally think these are the most important characteristics one can have.

He bridges the Jock world with the nerd world in a way I have never seen before. He is opening up the minds of a lot of people who may not have been reached otherwise.

Give some of his stuff a listen...

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I'm a fan of both as well.  Comedians are generally very smart, but the one area they all seem to possess a perpetual deficit in is understanding of science.  But they're entertaining and fun to listen to stoned.  So fuck it.

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The guy sounds like an idiot.
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1:11:53 "Apparently they were making fun of me about this on some podcast called 'The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe.' I haven't heard it. I heard it's funny, though."

Does that qualify as a shout out?