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Skepticism-Flavored Card Game — Print n' Play
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:56:19 PM »
Over the past year I've been developing a card game called Charlatans. As a long-time listener, I owe some of my inspiration for the theme of the game to the SGU and I thought fellow listeners might also enjoy it. Here's the description:

In Charlatans you’ll play as competing fraudulent psychics, or as they’re otherwise known, psychics. Use your “special powers” to make predictions about your opponent and expose their persona, while hiding behind your own dwindling credibility.

In this 2-4 player bluffing game you’ll utilize the tools of real-world psychics: a combination of observation, misdirection and strategic guesswork.

To get a free copy of the print n' play, please visit or request a copy via email.
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