Author Topic: eBook: How to Avoid Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases in Data Science  (Read 350 times)

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I work in data science (specifically in the credit and marketing industries).  As a skeptic, I became fascinated at how (informal) logical fallacies and cognitive biases permeate our industry and so I wrote 12 or so blogs introducing some concepts that us skeptics are very familiar with.  The idea being that perhaps some of my readers may develop better metacognition and start to care a little more about epistemological matters. I also have chapters on post-truth and Dunning-Kruger.  Really this book is a bit of me doing my bit to promote skeptical thinking in my industry (as I think many of us are). 

You can download the eBook here (it's free, of course).  Note: it asks you to submit some personal details, but you can unsubscribe from our content later.

Your honest thoughts on the book would be appreciated - or some ideas for some additional chapters (we will publish a "second edition" at some stage). Thanks  ;)

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I will check it out.  It is relevant to my interests.
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