Author Topic: Indian farmer suicides decline and in no way correlated with GMO crops  (Read 310 times)

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An interesting article on Indian farmer suicides and how there  doesn't seem to be any clear correlation to any of the commonly cited reasons for them.

The article doesn't actually mention GMO crops but as far as I can tell the only widely grown GMO crop in India is Bt Cotton which was introduced in the early 2000s around the time farmer suicides peaked.  These suicides have been mostly declining as Bt Cotton production has been increasing. 

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Nearly twice as many Indian housewives commit suicide as farmers do.

That's a peculiar statistic. It doesn't say the gender of the farmers, but typically it's men who kill themselves more often. Though it's also comparing a profession to all female homemakers.

How does it compare to suicides in other professions?

I wonder if Bloomberg has done a false comparison there. Judging by the abstract here,, they're using absolute numbers rather than relative.

The NCRB data shows that housewives account for 18.6% of total persons committing suicides and for 52.8% of the total female victims. Those involved in farming and agriculture form the next largest group, comprising 11.9% of the total victims followed by those working in the private sector (7.8%) and unemployed (7.5%). and public sector (7.8% and 2.2%, respectively).